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As ourselves, we are not good enough…WTH?

Maybe it is because I am tired after a 6 hour drive home from the Keys, or maybe it is because I’ve already finished my glass of wine, but regardless of the cause, I am an irritated blogger right now.  I just started reading Orlando Home & Leisure, one of my favorite local rags. However, they have run an article that has gotten my goat, so to speak…

“How Not to Look Your Age” has struck a nerve with me. Now, regular Top 5 readers know I am usually the “good news” or “feel good” blogger, who writes about all the fabulous things going on in Central Florida. It is only when I really have my panties in a bunch that I detour from this route. (i.e. my Dear President Obama post)  So, it is highly unusual for me to write anything negative, but I feel I must take issue with this particular article. Here’s actual tips from the article:

  • “My mom would never think of wearing capri pants with tennis shoes and socks…for heaven’s sake, if you must wear capris, at least wear heels.”  Maybe sometimes, but all the time? Get real, this is Florida. #cutesandalsprevail
  • “Include a tasteful application of black eyeliner (‘gives you an instant facelift’)”  What?  I with my allergies, I rarely wear any eye make up!  #claritin
  • “High waisted panties (‘no ugly lumps’)” According to my hubby, I don’t have ugly lumps no matter what style panties I wear! #hefrequentlylies
  • “and never leave home without make-up (‘the best thing since sliced bread’)”  Don’t even get me started, since I rarely wear it! #andstilllookgood
  • “Adjust your bra straps” Ha! As if I had enough to adjust! #modestlyproportioned

Okay, now I sound like a total granola freak…but I am not. (Reference my spa/salon blog posts as well as my homecoming queen and collegiate cheerleading days as proof!)  But, I do teach middle school, and I am extremely worried about the message articles like these send the budding young ladies I teach.  What message are we sending these girls as well as women of all ages?  That as ourselves, we are not good enough?

I once had a modeling coach tell me that I should dress up for my students, wear pantyhose (in Florida heat!), and always have make up on. When I commented that I rarely wore make up, she said, “Oh, I would never do that to my students…if they saw me without make-up, I would scare them to death.”  I’m sorry… just because she doesn’t have enough self-confidence in her natural appearance to go without make-up, doesn’t mean that I should change mine!

And, I guess that is what it comes down to… self confidence.

I firmly believe that is what I should be teaching my students: confidence in how they look and how they act.

When I coached cheerleading at Rollins College, I would have freshmen arrive with already augmented breasts; before their bodies have even finished growing! (Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with plastic surgery if that is a grown adult’s choice, but give a body a chance to finish maturing!)

And, what about the title of the article in the first place? What is wrong with looking your age?!  All an age means is that you didn’t die before reaching it…and that sounds like a pretty good deal to me!  (Hmmm…. maybe that’s because I turned 40 this year!) But, I would never trade the knowledge I have gained as a 40-year-old to go back and look like I was 20…would you?  Beauty for wisdom is a trade-off I would take any day of the week!

So, while Orlando Home & Leisure is still one of my favorite magazines, I do not think I will finish reading this particular article.

Okay, rant over. 🙂


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