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Malibus and Mail Carriers – Won’t You Join Me?

I played hookey today, skipping school to go to the WESH Channel 2 station to pick up my new Malibu, which the Southern Chevy Dealers are loaning me to drive for a month. (I know, what were they thinking, right?!)

My morning started off at Einstein’s Bagels where a former student was now working behind the counter. It is always lovely to see how my students have grown into young adults…nah, it doesn’t make me feel a bit old at all! (Well, maybe just a smidge.) At any rate, I was then off to the news station where I got to see the other ladies blogging for the Chevy “Girlfriend Getaway Orlando” promotion. Be sure to check out their blogs:

Kiran – a fellow Orbby winner who travels the world!
Caitlin – a fitness/nutrition blogger whose book Operation Beautiful will be coming out in the fall.
Meghann – another fitness/nutrition blogger who has a truly inspirational story
Jennifer – a fellow mommy blogger.

I, of course, was totally sweating over what to wear this morning, as they warned us they would be filming for a commercial, which they did. (I asked the studio how well they could photoshop, and they promised I would look like Angeline Jolie before they were finished with it!)

So, after meeting with the dealers–Thanks, Jack Starling from Starling Chevrolet Cadillac in Deland!–having a run down on the Malibu’s bells & whistles, and then our close up interviews, I was on my way in style!

For my regular readers, you’ll remember I got to drive a Chevy Traverse for the month of March and I had so much fun. Well, just think of the Malibu as a smaller, sportier version…and I’m anticipating lots of adventures in the coming month!

So I was loaded up and raring to go… and where was I going? Some fabulous Central Florida destination? Some art exhibit perhaps or an afternoon show which was part of the Orlando Cabaret? (Kiran and I both have been and it is wonderful by the way! I saw KT Sullivan while Kiran checked out The Broadway Boys!)

KT Sullivan

So, which ultra-cool place was I headed in my shiny, black Malibu?  Drum roll please………None of them. *sigh*

My son called from school ill, and so I headed out to get him. (At least he said my car was cool…that I looked like a sick spy in it. Yeah, that’s a compliment from a 13-year-old.) So, we then headed home via Walgreens to get some flu medicine.  By the time I got to the cashier, though, I realized she was the exact same former student I had seen working earlier at Einstein’s Bagels.  I commented on how I was so proud of her work ethic, when she admitted she was wasn’t at college this year and was instead having to help out with the family finances.  I was taken aback at her comment, knowing her family had lived in a home on Lake Maitland, and she had gone to private schools for most of her life. Yet, here she was working two jobs to help out her parents. Talk about a lightbulb moment!

As my son and I drove home, I felt very lucky to have a job at all, and fortunate to have opportunities such as being asked to drive and blog about a Chevy.  The economy is hitting all walks of life, not just the typical ones you’d expect. This became crystal clear to me this afternoon. It just further illustrates the importance of helping out others if you are able.

This Saturday, May 8, is the perfect opportunity. For the 18th year in a row, Florida mail carriers are helping to Stamp Out Hunger! by collecting food. Simply leave a sturdy box or bag with non-perishable food items, such as dry rice, pasta, canned foods, cereal, etc. next to your mailbox. Mail carriers will be picking up and delivering the goods to the Second Harvest Food Bank to aid families in need right here in Central Florida.

To me this is an incredible easy, yet valuable way to help others. Won’t you participate along with me?



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Apparently I Do Like the Cabaret!

I had a lovely evening Saturday night thanks to KT Sullivan and Jon Weber. We were perfect strangers when the night began, actually, but somehow through the evening, I grew to know them both as if old friends. I’ve been told that happens, though. At a cabaret show.

When I first heard about the 8th Annual Orlando Cabaret, hosted by Mad Cow Theatre, I was not exactly excited. Cabaret was not really my style…or at least I didn’t think so. (But, to tell you the truth, I wasn’t exactly sure just what cabaret was!)  So, with hubby and good friends on hand, we dined like royalty before heading downtown to Magnolia Street, right near the scene of Brian Feldman’s 67 Books.

Jon Weber and Top 5 editor Bess Auer.

Mad Cow Theatre has more of a Chicago feel to me, tucked away in a classic, old building.  The size of the room which KT Sullivan was playing felt intimate and comfortable. We had great seats and when Jon Weber came out first to play, my interest was peaked.  For those of you unfamiliar with his name, Jon has been called the “Greatest Living Jazz Pianist.” Well, let’s just say he was impressive and effortless.

Then KT Sullivan made her entrance…better than Dolly Madison as she strolled in with her evening gown and high heels.  And then she began to sing with her smokey voice. Some songs I knew, others I’d never heard. But each was thoroughly entertaining, as was her banter in between, giving history about each song and tune.  She focused on Howard Dietz songs…a guy I’d never heard of, but before the end of the show, I’d come to recognize his comic genius with lyrics. With lyrics like “I go to bed at 10 but I don’t get home until 4 am” how can the guy not be likable?

While all the songs were enjoyable, KT shone brightest with the slower songs, like “Dancing in the Dark.” The show lasted just over an hour, which was the perfect length, and then both KT and Jon greeted showgoers in the lobby. There, both KT and Jon treated me like an old acquaintance, which of course, I felt like after the hour we spent together. I’ve heard that happens, you know. At a cabaret show.

The Orlando Cabaret will be playing over the next three weeks, featuring a variety of acts including the Broadway Boys. There are evening shows as well as lunchtime shows, where you can even purchase a box lunch or bring your own. Whether you think you like cabaret style music or not, just go. I promise you’ll be glad you did.


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