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The BIG 25

So, after a great ending to 2009, I am looking forward to ringing in the New Year with my husband at the Enzian Theatre. They are having a James Bond themed party, complete with costume contest. [Note: Hubby is not happy with dressing up or going out. Our usual fare is to be in bed by 10:00 pm and let our son on come wake us up at midnight. I told my hubby we needed to “live a little” this year…]

The invite!
<—–Here’s the invite that came…very sleek and espionage-like…which kind of blows away my “regular mom” persona. So, I now face the dilemma of how to match such a flashy, slick theme.
How am I going to transform into a Bond Girl? [Note: My son is laughing whenever I mention this…] My husband is also looking through his closet. Best possible choice for him? Perhaps get fake teeth and a comb-over and go as Jaws? I could maybe go as Mini-Me…oh, wait, wrong movie. My husband is actually very dashing, so he can probably pull off a “Bond, James Bond” type of look…me, however….well…. hmmm…I may not be posting pictures of us that night. Or maybe I will, depending upon how successful or disastrous our efforts turn out to be. (The Top 5 fans might need a good laugh to kick off their New Year!)
At any rate, I started thinking about my New Year’s resolutions as I debated my dress. Last year’s resolutions included competing in a triathlon. [Note: I did actually start training for one. And, yeah, that wipe-out on the treadmill was kind of a speedbump…] So, this year I though I’d go more global, or at least more statewide with my resolve.  So, I came up with the following list which will hopefully contain at least one or two items that will also end up on yours.
Every Good Floridian’s New Year’s Resolution List…the “Big 25”
  1. Research how to reduce my carbon footprint…then actually do it.
  2. Use less water.
  3. Start recycling.
  4. Actually remember to take in the reusable Publix bags when I go grocery shopping.  
  5. Now that the Light Rail is here, support it.
  6. Research the potential candidates in the Senate Race [insert Crist, Rubio, other names here] and make an informed choice
  7. Cheer for the two Florida athletes in the Winter Games: Anthony Lobello and Jennifer Rodriguez
  8. Spend more time outdoors enjoying Central Florida weather.
  9. Wear sunscreen daily.
  10. Buy orange juice from Florida growers.
  11. Visit a farmer’s market at least once a month.
  12. Shop at local boutiques.
  13. Donate to a local charity that services locally.
  14. Visit the Central Florida Zoo.
  15. Visit the Central Florida Top 5 website to plan my schedule (Yeah, I had to plug it…)
  16. Visit a local museum at least once a month…lots of culture to choose from!
  17. Find out the local musicians/bands and buy their music
  18. Go to the local theatre…there’s some really fantastic talent!
  19. Adopt a pet from the shelter rather than a chain pet store
  20. Become a better neighbor
  21. Support the home team (in whatever sport you choose)
  22. Find a new local blog to follow…we have some great writers with really interesting things to say!
  23. Visit a theme park…when’s the last time you actually went to one?
  24. Read or watch the local news (in print or online…be informed about your community)
  25. Support space travel. (For jobs, economy, and for the future…)
Well, there it is…at least a beginning, right?  I am sure there are other, more important items that might be on there, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.  What would you add to the list? Whatever it is, add it to yours, and maybe all together we can make a big difference for a GREAT 2010!
Happy New Year from the Top 5!
PS I’ll be tweeting from the James Bond New Year’s Eve Party, so follow along on Twitter.


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