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Orlando Live – The Blogger Episode!

The Top 5 is so excited to be on Orlando Live, a kicking broadcast that focuses on all things Orlando. Hosted by Peter Murphy, the show explores everything the City Beautiful has to offer, including local celebs ranging from Dwight Howard, Mayor Buddy Dyer, celebrity chefs, musicians and their bands, singers like Jacqueline Jones, and many many more!

Occasionally Murphy focuses on bloggers, including J from J’s Everyday Fashion, Mark Baratelli of The Daily City, and Gustavo Hernando of Dafoodie to name a few. This Sunday night, Murphy is turning his attention to Top 5 editor Bess Auer and the Pulse of Central Forida’s Kimberly Taylor and Ashley K. Edwards.  We’ll be discussing things to do in Orlando as well as what makes this City such a wonderful place to live and work.

J from J's Everyday Fashion being interview by Peter Murphy.

So, how can you see the special blogger episode?  Tune in and watch LIVE this Sunday night, starting at 9 pm…there is surely the potential for some major bloopers!  So remember on Sunday night to go to Orlandolivestreaming.com to see it.

We’ll definitely give a shout out to the Top 5 fans! Woot!


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Mennello Museum of Art: Where Fairies Come to Life!

The Top 5 ventured to the magical Mennello Museum of Art to see some real magic come to life… glowing mushrooms and wood fairies came out to play under the oldest oak tree in Orlando. (225 years old I hear!)  This unusual fundraiser, entitled Magnifique, benefited Voci Dance…and it was so much fun!

And, while we were strolling among the fairy folk, we also ventured into the museum itself… what a treat!  If you have never been to the museum before, do yourself a favor and stop by this lovely place. You will feel like you’ve been transported to Santa Fe!

Special thanks to Mark Baratelli of TheDailyCity.com for the heads up about Magnifique fundraiser!

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Orlando Improv Festival – The Top 5 Reasons You Must Go!

So, there are tons of reasons why you should go see the performances at the first annual Orlando Improv Festival on September 20 – 21…to support local cultural and art events, to be a trend-setter, to do something out of the ordinary, etc., etc.  However, we put our heads together with the festival’s creator, Mark Baratelli of TheDailyCity.com, to come up with the Top 5 reasons you simply must be there!

1. It’s a COMEDY festival.

And, in today’s world, we need to laugh more than ever!  From threats of burning Korans and the devastating unemployment rate, to in-our-face negative political ads and news of the ongoing war, couldn’t we all use a break?  Definitely! And remember, laughter is the best medicine for ALL that ails us!

2. Tickets are CHEAP.

Baratelli wanted something everyone could enjoy, and so ticket prices have been kept at just $5 – $7 per show. Where else can you see professional performers from around the country perform in our backyard for that price?

3. Performances include groups from all over the nation.

That’s right, not only do you get to see the best of Orlando’s improv talent, but you also get to see performers from Austin, Seattle, Atlanta and even Sarasota.

4. Location. Location. Location.

Being held at the Winter Park Playhouse allows for festival goers to enjoy the ambience, especially in between shows. If you haven’t been to the Playhouse yet, you are in for a treat. Located along Winter Park’s hip Orange Avenue scene, near The Ravenous Pig, Winter Park Fish Company and the new Cup of Soul Cafe, you can dine like royalty before or after a show, or kick back and relax on a comfy couch in the Playhouse’s ultra-intimate lobby.

5. It’s NOT on a weekend.

Okay, what? It’s not on a weekend?  That’s right! Baratelli realizes that his audience’s time is precious, and weekends are often packed with family obligations or other events, and so he decided Monday and Tuesday nights would be perfect to invite us out to enjoy… pure genius!  (Come on, would you rather be home cooking dinner on a boring regular Monday night, or would you prefer to be kicking back in style while being royally entertained? I know which I would choose!)

And the best part? You can join the fun for free!  The Top 5 has 2 “All-Access” Passes to giveaway. (That’s a $120 value!!!)

To Win All Access Passes:

1. Become a Top 5 fan on Facebook.

2. Leave a comment under the Orlando Improv Festival post.

3. Cross your fingers, because you just might be randomly selected to win the tickets! Winners will be chosen on Friday, September 17, so hurry to post your comment to be in the running!


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Mobile Art Show: Have Art? Will Travel.

The Daily City Mobile Art Show will be coming to an area near you… eventually!  This time around (and this is the 13th show!) the Mobile Art Show will be stopping at the corner of Orange and Pine in downtown Orlando on September 16 from 7 – 9 pm.

Haven’t heard of the Mobile Art Show before? MSN.com named it one of America’s 10 “Wackiest Businesses on Wheels” and the New York City art blog Culturebot.org called it “very cool.”

If you haven’t ever been to the Mobile Art Show, brainchild of Mark Baratelli, professional actor and editor of The Daily City, then you are in for a treat. Imagine what seems like a typical U-haul, but when it unfolds, you find delightful, high quality artwork inside. This Mobile Art Show will feature the artwork from the website Uncover the Color featuring a variety of artists, including Uncover the Color founder Cole Nesmith.

This is one venue definitely worth cruising by to check out!

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“Bond… James Bond”

Or should I say, “5…Top 5” instead? We had a blast at the Enzian Theater’s New Year’s Eve bash! While we at first shied away from the James Bond theme, we scoured the internet to find some villain we could pull off.  We decided on the following:

Valenka from Casino Royale

Gettler from Casino Royale

Best we could manage!

<———Yep, this is pretty much the best we could manage…

So, we arrived at the Enzian in our Aston Martin [Note: Much lower-priced but equally stylish Mini] and were pleasantly surprised with how sleek and classy the Enzian had the party going. Red carpet, outdoor screen, fountains, and elegantly dressed staff. It was all equal to the billing!

Top 5 editor Bess and Brian Feldman, Performance Artist Extraordinaire

<—-I also got to see some of my Twitter and blog acquaintances, which is always nice. First, I spotted Brian Feldman, sans beard, fresh from his last big gig of 2009!

He is already planning a full event of 2010 events, including a very special (if oxymoronic) one in April. It just may have to be a Top 5 event! If you missed Brian’s Chanukah Ikea event, it apparently was a highlight of the season.

For more info on Brian and his amazing events and performances, please visit his site.

Thomas Thorspecken and Mark Baratelli

I also got to see Thomas Thorspecken, the incredible artist.————–>

He was feverishly drawing and painting while peering at the dance floor. I can’t wait to see how it turns out! His Citrus Bowl parade pictures are already posted at his blog The Analog Artist. Mark Baratelli, editor of of The Daily City, was also on-hand for the fun time.

I also got to chat with Enzian owner Sig Tiedke, who looked wonderful and seemed to be enjoying the occasion. If you have never been to the Enzian for an event or a film, you are definitely missing out on one of Orlando’s gems. Home to the Florida Film Festival, which attracts big stars and media, the Enzian also houses smaller film fests and events monthly.

Enjoy the video from our Big Night out! Thanks, Enzian, for a nice time!

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Are you in the “Hood”?

Mark Baratelli of The Daily City has ventured past his blog and partnered with Orlando Event TV to present a new series called “Hoods.” This series will focus on a different neighborhood each time, and he has started his series with Winter Park.

Click here to view the video now.

Looking forward to the next “Hood” in the Orlando-area!

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