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First a Flash Mob now a Flash Opera?

We saw this posted on the Enzian Theater’s Facebook page, so we had to share! We love it… opera sprung upon unsuspecting patrons at Eden Bar… hahahahaaa!

I had heard some rumblings about opera making a re-emergence here in Central Florida, and so maybe this is just the beginning! We’re hoping so!

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Enzian’s Haunted Swamp – A Spine-tingling Good Time!

So, I have family visiting from out-of-town, and so what else would we do on the Saturday before Halloween? Brave the Haunted Swamp at Enzian Theater!

First of all the, the place was packed so parking was a bit of a challenge, but it wasn’t too long before a spot opened up. And so in we pulled with a car full of excited teens and a few happy adults. (We were genius to remember the Haunted Swamp to entertain the kids, no?)

Well, at first I was a bit worried, since the Swamp is connected to the Enzian’s Eden Bar, and there were plenty of drink specials advertised and the website said not recommended for ages 18 and up (Yikes!), I suddenly had flashes of am R-rated swamp and got a bit anxious. However, I had nothing to fear. While there were mostly adults, there were also other teens and pre-teens, and everyone was in G or PG-rated costumes, so it made for a very festive time!

A view of Eden Bar

We got in line at the box office for tickets to the Swamp (you can also buy tickets at the bar), and $8 per ticket later, my hubby and three kids were standing in the rather lengthy line to get into the Swamp. Now, they had plenty to look at, between the large outdoor movie screen showing old black and white horror movies (again, rated G or PG), and the extremely creepy, old-fashioned hearse, whose back door was ajar and glowing red, and their line moved along quickly.  So, the rest of the adults in my group headed for a comfy table on the lawn to people watch.

One of the many festive couples...fun!

On the lawn by the outdoor screen, there’s a temporary bar serving Halloween-themed mixed drinks and a DJ spinning some pretty great music, and so the party was hauntingly alive.

Outdoor screen on lawn

Every once in a while we’d hear a chilling set of screams from the Swamp, and I’d wonder how the kids were doing. Well, they were back shortly enough, humongous smiles on their faces. “It was awesome!” was the collective opinion. Perfect!

Then we headed to get our faces painted by Chelsea, face painter extraordinaire, who is absolutely incredible, by the way.

My nephew getting "scary"

And lastly, we headed to the graveyard where we had a family photo. Click here to go see it on Facebook!

Tonight is the last night of the Haunted Swamp, and it is open from  8 pm until 1 am, and so I definitely recommend it for a really a spine-tingling good time!

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FaceTime Success

The first-ever Central Florida Tweet Up was a solid success Thursday night at Eden Bar at the Enzian. Special thanks to the Doterati for hosting a “pre-tweet up” to get the ball rolling for a spectacular evening!

The exciting news? At 8:03 pm, our hashtag of #cfltweet was “trending topic” in Orlando!

Here’s the list of who attended (some of us have multiple usernames):

  • kwidrick
  • alexiskn
  • fallynstarr
  • crowdtamers
  • BNVfilms
  • Kitmurphy
  • OrlandoImprov
  • JFordMakeUp
  • DavidJhinson
  • BeckiPR
  • reilly_tyne
  • annngo
  • Fltoodo
  • LRLMovie
  • Jenvargas
  • AnalogArtist
  • PulseofCFL
  • LadyBallers
  • YelpOrlando
  • whoframedabbie
  • ColleenBurns
  • SwimmerJoe
  • Social_Citizen
  • Grooveshark
  • TheDailyCity
  • BerMatt
  • cherylp3
  • Tperlmuttr
  • BigDawgPaulShow
  • Splatterweb
  • EdenBar
  • FloridaFilmFest
  • EnzianTheater
  • CurefortheRun
  • willspot
  • KimberlyTaylor
  • dafoodie
  • gehernando
  • centralfltop5
  • peglegpug
  • bananakin
  • somacowgeoff
  • brightgirl
  • sarahlogic
  • comasowjen
  • brianfeldman
  • jsevrydayfashion
  • aaronford
  • geekluv
  • izonorlando
  • relayhunterscrk
  • Hkmouse
  • RevJonB
  • Parkmaitland
  • undomest_diva
  • hollyshakespear
  • SFarkash

If you attended and are not on the list, PLEASE leave a comment so I can correct it! And, to follow these great tweeps, @ComaSowJen has created a list on Twitter to make it easy for you.

If you add up all our followers, we reach an audience of over 76,000 people! (Now, that’s the power of social media!)

For a more complete review of the night, you can see my Girlfriend Getaway post, featuring my Chevy Camaro.  Here’s a short video of the night:

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Happy Half Birthday to Us!

Well, I am finally coming off the high of having been honored for Best Neighborhood Blog with an Orbbie from the Orlando Sentinel. I am particularly grateful because the “Top 5” blog is only 6 months old and really was the result of a few friends tossing a few ideas around…so I am thrilled with its fantastic reception! This award was a great way to celebrate the the Central Florida Top 5’s half birthday! To continue the celebration, we’ve decided to revamp our blog’s look. Let us know how you like it!

The “award ceremony” for the Orbbies was held at Eden Bar in Maitland and I attended with a few of the “Top 5” judges. There were also several other category winners present, and I enjoyed meeting and talking with them. I was actually humbled by their depth of knowledge about blogging and realized, yes, I am still a newbbie!

Dave Knechel writes Marinade Dave and was very gracious with sage advice. (And I totally loved his laid back attitude!) I also enjoyed meeting Mark Baratelli, whose blog The Daily City and tweets I love reading. I also met Kiran and her lovely husband Tarun of Chatterbox and Shutterbox. I was greatly delighted when she not only was familiar with the “Top 5” but told me that as fairly new arrivals to Central Florida, they used our site as a resource…love it! Here’s a link to the final list of Orbbie winners.

Here’s a picture of the winners:

Marinade Dave, Chatterbox/Shutterbox, The Top 5, DISUnplugged, The Daily City, and Tasty Chomps

Special thanks to Sophia Jones Photography for her photo of the winners. To see other photos from the night, be sure to visit her website.

Congrats to all the winners, and thanks to the Central Florida Top 5 fans…you are the best!

And here’s to another great six months of ranking wonderful Orlando events, delivering great things for you to do, and growing as a provider of fantastic information!

Oh, and enjoy the snow! Who says it doesn’t snow in Central Florida?!


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