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Growing Bolder is Growing!

Congratulations to two former Wesh News anchors, Marc Middleton and Bill Shafer, for taking their show Growing Bolder TV national! Starting this weekend, Growing Bolder will be seen on 100 PBS stations across the country.

Bill and Marc. Photo from Bolder Media Group.

The show, the brainchild of Middleton, which began to ferment in his kitchen over a cup of coffee, resulted in first a radio show and then television show geared for the 50 and up crowd. It focuses on inspirational stories, such as “Broken Neck to Broken Records” featuring cyclist Sandy Scott, who didn’t start competitive cycling until age 64. Or you can find out Olympic Gold Medalist Dara Torres’ secret to success. And although the show claims to be for the “growing bolder” crowd, there’s something that every age group will enjoy! (I’ve even made my teenage son watch a few episodes for him to find out he actually enjoyed it!)

From the show’s website:

“What is Growing Bolder? It’s the newest show on PBS stations coast-to-coast. It’s inspirational, affirmational and entertaining. Produced by an Emmy Award-winning team, Growing Bolder tells the stories of ordinary men and women living extra ordinary lives. It’s about people reinventing themselves to pursue their passions and build lives of significance. It’s about entrepreneurs, cancer survivors, masters athletes, rock stars, artists, and more.”

You can also connect with Growing Bolder on Facebook as well as Twitter. So, do yourself a favor, and tune in this weekend… I promise you will be inspired!

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Swimming Anyone?

A huge literary event happened today in Orlando: Dara Torres talked about her new book Age is Just a Number.

My husband SwimmerJoe.com swam with Dara at the University of Florida, and so she has long been a household name in our house. We’ve actively followed her five Olympics and have cheered for her many successes. (And had a few laughs as Joe remembers the years spent as her Gator teammate!)

Dara had a great turn out today at the Orlando Public Library where she spoke for nearly 30 minutes, retelling anecdotes from her many years as a swimmer. And at the end, she graciously signed autographs and posed for pictures with the many fans who showed up.  She did take a short break to greet Joe with a hug and “What are you doing here?!” reaction…good times!

Enjoy this video from Dara’s talk:

Thanks, Orlando Public Library, for a great event!

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