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The Science of the Circus – See How It All Works!

The “Ambassadors of Laughter” from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® will make a special appearance at the Orlando Science Center to entertain, educate and engage the public. During the show, audience members will join actual Ringling Brothers clowns on stage to try their hands at some of these famous stunts, and you will have a chance to win family four-packs to see the circus.  That’s pretty cool!

Ever wonder how circus performers can perform antics including balancing on a high wire the way acrobats do?  The clowning team makes learning science fun and comical. See firsthand how concepts like balance, wind resistance, gyroscopic stability, and gravity impact tricks such as plate spinning, acrobatics and juggling.


The Ambassadors of Laughter will tickle your funny bone with lighthearted antics that offer a sneak preview of Fully Charged, the all-new 141st Edition of The Greatest Show On Earth® playing the Amway Center this January 13th-17th.  For tickets and more information, visit www.ringling.com

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Britney and Her Sons

While I had to miss the Circus earlier this weekend, friends said it fabu! Here’s a clip of Britney signing and then rushing over to kiss her boys…Orlando is a family-centered city after all!

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The Circus is Coming to Town!

Here’s Britney at Madison Square Garden performing “Toxic” as part of her Circus tour. A great sneak peek for those attending…let me know how the Orlando show is tomorrow night!

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