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Chaps! A Jingle Jangle Christmas Indeed!

If you want something seasonal but that is also refreshingly new and not overdone, then Chaps! A Jingle Jangle Christmas at Orlando Shakespeare Theater in Partnership with UCF may be just the ticket.

No Scrooge in this building!  It’s 1944, years into World War II, and the heyday of singing cowboys on radio and the silver screen.  Allied troops from around the world are anxiously awaiting the live, in-studio BBC broadcast of radio and film star Tex Riley and his Radio Roundup. When Tex and his fellow cowboys get lost in London minutes before airtime, the motley BBC crew suddenly find themselves in the “trenches.” Out of desperation, Mabel, their tour manager, and Miles, the frantic young producer, grab anyone  – a snobby announcer, an amiable sound man, a passing soap opera actor – slap them into costume, hand them scripts and shove them in front of the studio audience. The resulting performance is one that England will never forget!

It’s playing now and will go through December 26. Here are some photos from the production:

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