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Announcing the November “Top 5” (And where you Can Find It)

One of the most exciting times around the Central Florida Top 5 comes around the first of every month, when we announce the “Top 5” upcoming events for the next month. You know, the Top 5 literary events, Top 5 sports events, etc., and this cam be a valuable tool for planning your calendar.

Since we have done away with our traditional, free-standing website (where we used to list all the different Top 5 categories), we are now listing the monthly Top 5 here on this blog as a static page. (See the top just to the left above the giant girl’s head? Right there you will see November Top 5!) The nice thing about a blog page, though, is we can highlight each category further, with pictures and even more information about the events.

You can also find out even more information on our Facebook fan page.

So, we hope you enjoy checking out November’s Top 5 events and that you will explore all the great things Central Florida has to offer!

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Changes for the Central Florida Top 5

The first year for the Central Florida Top 5 (founded in July 2009) brought many exciting events and an overwhelming response from the Central Florida community. I have taken great delight in researching and attending new shows, concerts, literary and art events, as well as supporting many non-profits. My Top 5 judges have been so supportive, and I have met countless terrific people I am now proud to call friends.

So, it would be natural that I would want to continue doing the wonderful things that work, and move past the things that are not as successful. (For example, I will never hold another video contest!) Keeping those things in mind, the Top 5 is evolving by moving entirely to Facebook, Twitter, and the Top 5 blog.

The separate, free-standing Top 5 website is being discontinued as updating it took several days of tedious web work and design each and every month.  So after much thought and discussion, it was decided I can convey the same information about upcoming events and streamline my audience by simply posting that info on my blog and Facebook pages. And, the much-loved calendar–by far the most-visited page on the free-standing website–can be recreated on the Facebook page. (In fact, the Calendar App is upgrading and getting ready to launch even as I type this!)

Our Facebook Welcome Page - go check it out!

And even better, Facebook will be a “one-stop-shop” where you can view the Top 5’s latest Youtube videos, photo albums, tweets, and other info.  Also, it will be even easier for you to interact with me and give feedback, let me know about other great events happening around town, as well as state how you liked the events you attended. It seems like a real win-win!

So, to those of you who enjoyed my separate, free-standing website, forgive me for simplifying my busy life. I hope you will transfer over your following to this blog and become a fan on Facebook, and I hope to provide even more complete coverage through these online venues. (Yes, there will still be the Top 5 events in different categories each month… you will just visit my blog to see them!)

So, thanks for hanging in there and I hope you enjoy this new format for streamlining my information to you. I do love writing about Central Florida… so here’s to you, readers and fans! Thanks for being there! 🙂


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