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Burlesque – The Full Routine

Fortunately I had already left to pick up my son from a party before the filming began (Whew!)… but here’s the full routine from last night as filmed by Studio K:



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Burlesque Invades Orlando! (Sort of….)

Last night I headed toward the Premium Outlet Malls, not to shop, but to take a dance class with fellow blogger and social mediaists Katy Widrick (@Kwidrick), Kiran Srivastava (@Kiran_), Julie (@PBFingers), and Kelly Walker (@PegLegPug).  Katy had invited us to Studio K for a special Burlesque dance class.

To give you an idea of burlesque dancing, here’s a trailer for Christina Aguilera and Cher’s new movie of the same name:

It looked easy enough, just prance around with a sassy attitude, shimmy the shoulders and whip your hair a few times…right?  I had been an elite gymnast and competitive cheerleader in college, surely this would not be a big deal… right?

Well… let’s just say it had been quite a while since I had shimmied anything.

I arrived to find most of the participants much younger than me and dressed in fishnet stockings, bustiers, and high heels. Suddenly I looked rather frumpy in my cut off sweat pants and sneakers.  And the black feather boa just looked kind of silly wrapped around my neck and it was apparently moulting…but strengthened by the solidarity of my fellow lady bloggers, I didn’t make a run for the door but bravely made my way to a waiting chair.

Katy, Bess, Kelly, and Kiran

Studio K's dance floor

A perky, in-shape instructor, Alice Renee K, dressed in a black bejewelled bustier, began to strut her stuff and we did our best to follow along.  A wall of mirrors allowed me to track my progress, and at first I felt pretty confident. (Of course, all we were doing was sitting in the chair and sapping our fingers to the beat!)

Then the choreography took us out of a chair and first the right arm goes out, then the left and… and OMG!!!!  What was that hanging down under my arms?   GASP!!! That was NOT there the last time I did any type of dance lesson!  (I guess a decade or so will do that to your body!) I suddenly had wings hanging down off my arms…perhaps they used to be arm muscles, but now I looked like a saggy chicken who had trouble taking flight! Oh dear…

And now that I was totally distracted by my floppy arms I completely missed the next eight count. I was hopelessly lost as the instructor started the music and everyone began the routine again.  (And I just heard Studio K took video of us… I feel blackmail is somewhere in my very near future!)



So, what did I learn from my humiliating experience last night?

Well, that I need to get in the gym, that I need to wear long sleeves next time I dance, and that I will have to continue to take Ibuprofen for the next several days to ease my aching back!

But, despite all of my aches and pains and chicken wings, I also learned that it is kind of fun to try something new.  And while I am not the next Christina Aguilera, I can still have a good time pretending to be.

Orlando has a variety of dance studios that cater to the whimsical adult who wants to get in shape while having a good time. It doesn’t matter your experience or ability level (obviously!) so don’t let never having done it before stand in your way. Get out there and try it! And, with Florida’s cold winter seemingly set to stay awhile, indoor exercise doesn’t sound so bad!

The dance group...

So, wanna know what happened to my feather boa?  Click here to go see on the Top 5 Facebook page. (Evil laugh)


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