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Orlando Magic Fans – Do You Know the New Rules?

Brian Feldman knows the rules… kind of.  (No, Orlando-based performance artist Brian Feldman is NOT going to impersonate a professional basketball player, although Shaquille O’Neal recently impersonated a performance artist.)

Instead, Feldman is presenting “Foul! Official Rules of the National Basketball Association 2010-2011 as Read by Brian Feldman” in order to explain the rules, straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.


Tonight, at the Orlando Magic’s season opener, Feldman will read from the NBA’s Official 2010-2011 Rule Book, all 59 pages of it, plus the 2 extra pages of illustrations.  Feldman will be reading aloud while located across from the Amway Center (originally known as the Orlando Events Center), outside, across from the Orlando Magic Team Shop presented by Adidas, in the manner of a street preacher.

Tell it to me, brother!

So, why is Orlando’s most impressive performance artist doing this? Well, in his own words: “If you’re gonna argue with the refs this season, you gotta know the rules.”

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That Brian Feldman… what a chair! (What a night!)

Brian Feldman as a Red Chair

I truly believe Brian Feldman is what Orlando Weekly called “Orlando’s greatest living performance artist”  because not only has he turned himself into an inanimate object (a red chair), but he’s also auctioned himself off to be that inanimate object at an event of the winner’s choice! So, why would somebody want to pose as a red chair? To benefit the arts of Central Florida… why else?!

Quick question to the Orlando Weekly: If Brian is the greatest living performance artist, who is Orlando’s greatest dead performance artist?

It was all done for the 6th Annual Red Chair Affair, Central Florida’s Kick Off to the 2010-2011 Cultural Season, presented by the Arts and Cultural Alliance of Central Florida.

When my hubby and I arrived at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center, we were greeted outside by belly dancers from A Magi Dance Entertainment. Inside, the lobby was already packed as theatre-goers were watching smaller performances and artisans. There you could see artwork and artists from the Creadle School of Art, talk with Kent Arblaster of the Maitland Art and History Association, watch entertainment from Flamenco del Sol, and the VIP’s got to listen to musical performances from the Winter Park Playhouse Cabaret.

A tango from Flamenco del Sol

While waiting for the show, I got a chance to see United ArtsEmma Kruch and Cory Warren, who were busy discussing why The Arts Matter with everyone. If you haven’t checked out why The Arts Matter, be sure to click the link here!

Top 5 editor Bess Auer in between United Art's Emma Kruch and Cory Warren

One we got seated inside the auditorium–yeah, we were way back because it was general seating and we were late!–we got to view a slideshow of all the chairs that had been created by different groups, attractions, and foundations from around Central Florida. These were auctioned off to raise funds for the arts.

Orange County Arts & Cultural Affairs' chair

Orlando Improv Fest's chair

IFLY Orlando's chair

Art Hub's chair

Global Peace Film Festival and Gatorland's chair

On stage right were two ASL interpreters from Valencia Community College (who did a fabulous job throughout the evening, including a little choreography during the musical parts) as well as Thomas Thorspecken from the Analog Artist Digital World. He was correctly billed as a “Live Visual Artist” who was sketching and painting while the show was happening, and I can’t wait to see how he captured the evening!

And then the featured performances got started with the “Star Spangled Banner” sung by the Bach Festival Society  Choir (gorgeous!) only to be followed by several more performances, each one introduced by Mayor Buddy DyerOrlando Magic’s Bo Outlaw and Nick Andersen, and many other local “movers and shakers” on a huge screen hung high above the stage. Here are the acts we saw:

La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil— A new juggling act was debuted, which looks very promising. We only got a taste, as most performance were only 5 to 7 minutes long, but the juggler and La Nouba’s quirky “Green Bird” character were impressive! (But why isn’t the “Green Bird” green?)

Orlando Shakespeare Theater— I know Orlando Shakes does much, much more than Shakespeare, but the scene chosen to be showcased (a duet from “Chaps! A Jingle, Jangle Christmas”) was a fun one which had me singing along.

Emotions Dance with Tod Caviness— This was a very powerful piece, where a trio of female dancers stomped out an enticing routine reflecting the story of “Spoken Word Artist” Tod Caviness, which seemed like a strange dream from all I could tell.  I remember something like “she was the daughter of the sun” to start it off and “we weren’t quite sure what happened the next morning” and then “we went back to our caves” for the end.  Between the dramatic music and lighting, the emotional dancers, and the strength of Caviness’ voice, it was a memorable act.

Orlando Gay Chorus, Menage— This smaller group’s high energy had the crowd clapping along! And while choreography was campy and fun, we have to remember they are a choral group of Orlando residents, not professional dancers, and their singing delightfully brought this home. A fun time to be had, for sure!

Bay Street Players— This is a group I have heard about, but have never been inspired to make the trip to Eustis until now… even my hubby loved their baseball music scene!  High-spirited and humorous, their singing and acting hit the perfect balance. We will definitely be making the drive to see a show or two in their historic theater.

Orlando Ballet— Taken from their Battle of the Sexes, which was a Top 5 event earlier this year, this duet definitely “brought sexy back” and then some!  The music was edgy, the outfits black rubber, and the guy bare-chested and tattooed; this had me wishing I had been able to attend the Battle of the Sexes when it was showing!  (Next year!)

SAK Comedy Lab— A twenty-year experiment in downtown Orlando, the SAK Comedy Lab is a sure bet for ingenious comedy! Where else can you see a guy confess to “cleaning cat litter at Mount Rushmore with paris Hilton”? (And do it while singing in rhyme!) And while SAK Comedy Lab also claimed to “bring sexy back,”  they definitely brought laughter back!

Winter Park Playhouse— The Playhouse featured four dynamite singers who raised the roof with their powerful voices, all set to Aretha Franklin type soul. Very moving!

VarieTease— Punk rocker prima donnas… loved it!  Dressed in hilariously edgy tutus, lace, leather, and steel, these three ladies were incredible athletes who attacked the crowd and the camera with a vengeance, before primly tip-toeing off-stage. (And I can’t wait to see what else they have to offer this season!)

Orlando Repertory Theatre’s Power Chords— A group of young singers featured some of the best voices of the evening… imagine Glee! but drop it down to include middle schoolers, and you have the idea. Bright colors, incredible voices, fun choreography, all professionally done!

Yow Dance— The Top 5 has promoted their events in the past, but this is the first time I have been able to see Yow, and wow! I was impressed!  A modern dance feel with powerful movements and emotion, I will definitely be seeking out their performances this season.

Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra’s Sovereign Brass— When these five brass players and drummer started their act with the theme from *The Muppets, I knew there was frivolity to be had!  True performers, this fun group gave me an appreciation for their talent and skill. One of my favorite acts of the night and a great way to end the show!

*Correction: The Daily City’s Mark Baratelli kindly pointed out I have absolutely no ear for music, and what I took to be the intro to The Muppets was actually from the Broadway musical Chicago. Oops! Oh well, it was still enjoyable! 🙂


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Marry a Stranger Lately? Brian Feldman has…

The Top 5 spent a rainy afternoon at the courthouse in order to attend Brian Feldman’s wedding.  A highly acclaimed Orlando performance artist, Feldman is known for his–shall we say unusual?–performances and this one was no different.  This event was designed to protest the ban on same-sex marriage. Feldman wanted to demonstrate the absurdity of the law allowing almost perfect strangers to marry, yet denying committed partners from marrying simply based on gender.  So, days earlier Feldman picked Hannah Miller, a very accommodating stranger, to meet this afternoon at the courthouse and become united in holy matrimony.

A crowd of around thirty people showed up to support the event. The Orlando Sentinel’s Elizabeth Maupin and Orlando-based blogger Mark Baratelli were reconizable, as was Thomas Thorspecken of the Analog Artist, who recorded the event in pencil and water color. 

Here’s a short video of the ceremonies:

Regardless of any of our fans’ individual beliefs about marriage, the Top 5 loudly applauds Brian Feldman’s passionate stand for love!

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“Bond… James Bond”

Or should I say, “5…Top 5” instead? We had a blast at the Enzian Theater’s New Year’s Eve bash! While we at first shied away from the James Bond theme, we scoured the internet to find some villain we could pull off.  We decided on the following:

Valenka from Casino Royale

Gettler from Casino Royale

Best we could manage!

<———Yep, this is pretty much the best we could manage…

So, we arrived at the Enzian in our Aston Martin [Note: Much lower-priced but equally stylish Mini] and were pleasantly surprised with how sleek and classy the Enzian had the party going. Red carpet, outdoor screen, fountains, and elegantly dressed staff. It was all equal to the billing!

Top 5 editor Bess and Brian Feldman, Performance Artist Extraordinaire

<—-I also got to see some of my Twitter and blog acquaintances, which is always nice. First, I spotted Brian Feldman, sans beard, fresh from his last big gig of 2009!

He is already planning a full event of 2010 events, including a very special (if oxymoronic) one in April. It just may have to be a Top 5 event! If you missed Brian’s Chanukah Ikea event, it apparently was a highlight of the season.

For more info on Brian and his amazing events and performances, please visit his site.

Thomas Thorspecken and Mark Baratelli

I also got to see Thomas Thorspecken, the incredible artist.————–>

He was feverishly drawing and painting while peering at the dance floor. I can’t wait to see how it turns out! His Citrus Bowl parade pictures are already posted at his blog The Analog Artist. Mark Baratelli, editor of of The Daily City, was also on-hand for the fun time.

I also got to chat with Enzian owner Sig Tiedke, who looked wonderful and seemed to be enjoying the occasion. If you have never been to the Enzian for an event or a film, you are definitely missing out on one of Orlando’s gems. Home to the Florida Film Festival, which attracts big stars and media, the Enzian also houses smaller film fests and events monthly.

Enjoy the video from our Big Night out! Thanks, Enzian, for a nice time!

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