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Central Florida Swimmers Are Awesome!

Occasionally the Top 5 blogs about “residents done good” and this would definitely fall under that category:  Two Central Florida swimmers have signed letters of intent with the national swim powerhouse University of Florida. Blue Dolfin swimmer Matthew Curby and Highlander Aquatics swimmer Harrison Curley have indicated their commitment to the Gators. Both nationally-ranked swimmers were also high school state champions for their respective schools.

Photo of Matthew Curby from the Orlando Sentinel.

Yes, my hubby @swimmerjoe swam for the Gators as well, so this blog is a personal one for me, too! 😉

Congrats to these young men for representing the State of Florida so well by earning scholarships to one of the strongest Division I teams in the nation. Woot!

To see a complete list of Gator swim recruits, click here.

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Florida Tuskers: Rooting for the Home Team!

I must admit I feel bad…I should have made the trip to the Citrus Bowl before this.  The Florida Tuskers are Central Florida’s home team, and so we all should be heading out for the game! So, my hubby, @SwimmerJoe, and I decided to do something about this… so we’ve gathered about 60 friends and are heading to seats on the 50 in order to root away…Yep, we’ll be with the Blue Dolfin Swim Team yelling, “Go Tuskers!”

Now why should you go see the Tuskers, too? Well, to see some quality football. The Tuskers are part of a quality professional football league whose players include many former stand outs in the NFL. (Think legendary UCF and then NFL starting quarterback Daunte Culpepper good!)

Tusker's starting quarterback Brooks Bollinger

And, on a personal note, I went to high school with Bret Munsey, fellow Winter Park High School Hall of Famer and former head coach of the Philadelphia Soul, who now helps out the Tuskers on the sidelines as Director of Player Personnel.  It is fun to see when a friend is making a go of something he loves. (And is pretty good at!)

So, even if you can’t make it tonight’s game, put the Tuskers down as something go root for and support this season. Yeah!

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Don’t worry… My son’s just shaving his legs!

No, really, he is!  As well as his arms, stomach, chest, and back… such is the life of a swimmer! 

The state of Florida has long been a leader in the sport of swimming, seeing as it is surrounded by water on three sides and has more lakes than I can count.  Swimming is essential for a Florida resident as far as I am concerned. I cringe whenever I see that another person has drowned in a backyard pool, as it is usually avoidable, especially if the child is old enough to be taught life-saving survival swim skills.

We didn’t have a house with a pool when my son was first born, and so as soon as he was two years old, I drove over to Lake Highland Preparatory School for their summer Swim America swim classes, which not only introduced my son to the water, but taught him valuable skills to stay afloat (and then swim) if ever he fell into a body of water. (Little did I know just how much of a fish that my son would become!)

Now my 14-year-old swims for the legendary Blue Dolfins and is old enough and fast enough to “shave down” for a big championship meet, like the Junior Olympics this weekend at the South Orlando Y facility on International Drive.  He’s swimming at meets against the likes of Ryan Lochte and other state, national, and world record holders.  (Much more fun for me to watch!)

My son owning his lane.

Now, for non-competitive swimmers, the idea of shaving the hair off a body to reduce any last drag in the water sounds ludicrous, but swimmers and coaches swear by it! I just happen to get a good chuckle as I watch my son fuss with the razor over the curves of ankles or the rough skin on knees. Hmmm… I wonder how many months of a clean bedroom and dedicated study time I could get in from him exchange for a picture of this?

Naw, even I am not that evil!

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iChicken – Oviedo, FL

We spent much of our Saturday at the Taste of Oviedo, and it seems that the rest of Oviedo came right along with us! For those of you unfamiliar with this town, just imagine Main Street, USA and you get the idea.

Here, neighbors welcome neighbors and newcomers alike, and they take quite a bit of pride with their wild chickens that strut about town. (Yes, it’s true, the chickens do hang out in the parking lot of a Popeye’s Chicken!)

Special thanks to Shoreline Graphix, Inc. for the great iChicken T-shirt!

And, for those of you athletic types, Oviedo not only has the Oviedo Trail for running and biking, but its Olympic-sized pool is home to one of Central Florida’s oldest and best swim teams, the Blue Dolfins.

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