Full Disclosure

Sorry, no nude pictures here! (Just in case that’s what you were thinking…)

Since the Top 5 has finally crossed the line to blogging about a specific product, I now must meet the FTC guidelines of disclosing this information to my readers.  So, here goes…

Official Notice: On occasion I am given tickets to attend shows or invited to attend charity events. In return I usually blog about these things. On occasion I have been gived a car to drive for a month.  In return, I blogged, tweeted, and Facebooked all about it. I got to be totally honest about the car…what I liked, disliked, totally hated, and totally loved…you get the picture. All statements about a car, show, charity event, etc. were totally MY opinion and were in no way meant to be any other than my true feelings about it.

Further Note: This statement applies to anything else I blog about on here…whether it is about a car or not. So, read, enjoy, and most of all remember, it is simply the opinion of the Top 5 and our guest bloggers.

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