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You Only Live Once… right?

If I mention a salon and day spa on posh Park Avenue in Winter Park, are you suddenly picturing $$$$$$$$$?

Well, never fear because enter YOLO Salon and Spa, and you will suddenly feel transported back in time to an earlier version of Park Ave., when unique storefronts and boutiques reigned, rather than the chain-owned stores of today. To a time when a shopper would discover a rare find, and then have to come back to that store again and again because it was the only place it could be found. And a time when most people who live in and around Winter Park could still afford to shop there!

YOLO Salon and Day Spa

That’s because YOLO, which stands for You Only Live Once, is a store packed with funky fun finds, traditional lime green and pink t-shirts customized with palm trees, and items reminiscent of Austin’s hippie feel. In fact, when I first walked in I thought it was just a store and was completely surprised to see they are also a full service salon–hair, pedicures, facials, bikini waxes, the whole nine yards!

Not surprisingly they have garnered fame among the Rollins College crowd, and most appropriately, they keep their college-aged customers (and budgets) in mind. I got a bikini wax ($35) and customized facial ($85 but I utilized their $20 discount for being a new customer), so it was nowhere near what today’s Park Ave. prices have risen to.

The day of my appointment, I arrived at YOLO a bit early to hunt through their chic boutique and was offered a drink from a makeshift tiki bar set up in the middle of the establishment. (Too cool!) There were also some comfy chairs and couches to plop down in to wait if I so chose.

Have an iced tea while you relax.

Kari, my technician, soon arrived and escorted me back. In a treatment room, she put me at ease before setting about to a painless (well, almost) waxing and then a luxurious facial. She mixed a custom mask for me based on my skin type (and she nailed it perfectly!) before massaging away my tension as well as a horrible neck crick while it dried.

And do you know what I loved the best? Although the front of the salon was packed with a variety of different lines of soaps, lotions, etc., she didn’t seem predetermined to sell me something after the facial. (You know what I am talking about! Those salons where the technicians recommend some $90 facial wash and $80 lotion, making the whole facial seem like some big sales job!)

Great selection

So, while some exotic, high-priced salons must be saved for only truly special occasions, like birthdays or Mother’s Day, YOLO Salon and Spa seems like the type of place I would want to be a regular. A place where everybody knows my name when I walk in…a place to just hang with the girls. And, for those regulars, they have a membership program for even bigger savings! During the summer months, YOLO is running all sorts of fun specials, like $30 Tuesdays, so be sure to pop in and see what they’ve got going on. (And don’t think that the better price means skimping on the service…I would put their facial up with the best in town!)

So, here’s to only living once and pretending to be a lady of leisure while I’m doing that living! And thanks to YOLO’s great prices I can afford to do that… well, at least some of the time!


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Boutique For a Week is Coming!

Too cool!  Part owner and Central Florida resident Kelly Traugott contacted me about her Boutique for a Week, which is one of the best ideas I’ve heard about in quite some time. As a mommy who used to have all sorts of kids stuff, the “Premiere Children’s Sale” and “Nearly New as Never Been Better” are quite a draw!

I know my moms of twins (friends and sister-in-law) will definitely be interested in this. How easy and quick to set up…much better than a garage sale, don’t you think?  With a mission to become the premiere children’s resale in Central Florida, you are sure to find some quality items. The sale will feature, clothes, toys, educational items, and more.  By the way, they need consignors and workers.

So, if you are a mommy looking to get rid of some almost-new stuff, register as a consignor. If you are looking for almost-new stuff, be sure to attend:

June 27 – July 3 in Casselberry

And the nicest part is consignors may donate any unsold items to those in need… sounds like a winning event to us!

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iChicken – Oviedo, FL

We spent much of our Saturday at the Taste of Oviedo, and it seems that the rest of Oviedo came right along with us! For those of you unfamiliar with this town, just imagine Main Street, USA and you get the idea.

Here, neighbors welcome neighbors and newcomers alike, and they take quite a bit of pride with their wild chickens that strut about town. (Yes, it’s true, the chickens do hang out in the parking lot of a Popeye’s Chicken!)

Special thanks to Shoreline Graphix, Inc. for the great iChicken T-shirt!

And, for those of you athletic types, Oviedo not only has the Oviedo Trail for running and biking, but its Olympic-sized pool is home to one of Central Florida’s oldest and best swim teams, the Blue Dolfins.

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Celebrating Cars, Food & Special Olympics

The Top 5 was invited to the evening Jetport Food & Wine Festival to help kick off the Celebration Exotic Car Festival. Along with well over one thousand attendees, we enjoyed great food, drink, and hob-nobbing!  And the best thing about it? It helped raise funds to support Special Olympics Florida and their athletes.

Special thanks to Amie Dugan for the invitation.

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Do you remember your prom night?

Do you remember going to prom?  Memories of my senior prom at Winter Park High School blend together lots of satin dresses, high heels, and lots of eighties big hair!  Now, imagine if you had no prom to remember…not because your school didn’t have one, but rather you couldn’t afford to go.  Unfortunately many Central Florida families find themselves in this situation this year due to the poor economy, but students at Rollins College are working to help change that.

Two Rollins sororities— Sigma Gamma Rho (Rollins’ only historically black sorority) and Alpha Omicron Pi— have teamed up with Jones High School to provide free prom dresses for female students attending Jones’ prom on April 24.

The Rollins students collected more than 60 dresses during the last semester and then donated these dresses and accessories to Jones High School’s Tiger Den and Chelsea’s Boutique.

And, the girls did not just drop the dresses off, but instead stayed at Jones High School’s Tiger Den enhancing the shopping experience with music, food and decorations and assisting with distributing the dresses. They also conducted a chance drawing for a limousine ride to prom!

The “Top 5” salutes these two sororities for giving back to the Orlando commnity…we are sure they helped to make prom night a reality for many girls!

"Shopping" at the Tiger Den.

The objective of the Tiger Den is to provide students a place to “shop” for items they normally couldn’t buy because of their financial situation. All items are provided at no cost to the students, who are able to shop privately without any distractions.

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Park Avenue Fashion Week

Growing up in Winter Park during the height of the “preppy” style (think late 70’s and early 80’s), Park Avenue has always been representative of all things fashionable for me. On a street where a Ralph Lauren store couldn’t seem last, other unique designers, ritzy boutiques, and high end stores seem to set the trends instead, creating a very specific Central Florida look.  So, I was very excited to see this year’s Winter Park fashions during Park Avenue Fashion Week.

A friend and I attended the afternoon show, which while it wasn’t a jam-packed full house, it still bubbled with excitement due to the great atmosphere inside the tent. Having attended some tent shows in NY, I was impressed with Winter Park’s effort to recreate an authentic experience for its attendees.  I was also pleased the designers used local models, of all ages, and featuring many shapes and sizes.

Here is the video I took of the show…enjoy!


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