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The Weekly Round up of Videos

Here’s our weekly round up of videos uploaded in the past week…apparently we’ve got a musical theme going this time around!

Lee DeWyze at the Blue Martini

The Goo Goo Dolls at the House of Blues

Orlando Sentinel presents “Celebration of Voices”

Opera at the Portofino Bay Hotel

Ice Skating at Sea World

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Top 5 “Other Music” Events for November

1. 38th Annual Handel’s Messiah

November 28 at Bob Carr Performing Arts Center
A traditional show, we can’t wait to allow our ears to be blessed with this music!

2. Thanksgiving Day Carillon Concerts

November 25 at Bok Tower Gardens
If you have never been to the Bok Tower Gardens, treat yourself and family this Thanksgiving. Sumptuous as pumpkin pie!

3. Orlando Philharmonic Home for the Holidays

November 27 at The Bob Carr Performing Arts Center
We love to ring in the coming holidays with some of our favorite holiday melodies!

The Orlando Philharmonic performing with the legendary John Williams at the recent opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

4. The Grand Knights of Singing-An Opera Gala

November 7-14 at UCF Opera Rehearsal Hall Auditorium
We love the thought of listening to gorgeous voices fill the air during this season. And until Orlando Opera makes a come back, we’re heading to UCF!

5. Something New

November 8 and 12 at Winter Park Playhouse
Featuring T. Robby Piggot and then Tim Evanicki, the area’s only theater dedicated to musical theater may have a hit on its hands!

T. Robert Piggott

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Elvis is in the house!

Okay, Elvis fans, how would you like to see the #1 tribute act in the country?  Well, Peter Alden will be “in the house” at the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center on Saturday, October 30.

Performing music from all Elvis’s eras in a dynamic, fast-paced, Vegas-style show, Alden is accompanied by a 7 piece band called “Suspicious Minds.” Appearing around the world and with the “Legends in Concert” for over 12 years, this act has Elvis walking and singing among us once again. So, if you love “The King,” then this is the place to be Saturday night!

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Jake Owens: Don’t You Want to Sing On Stage With Him?

Okay, Central Florida singers, we want one of you to win!

LongHorn Steakhouse and its “Live at LongHorn” music program are giving one talented artist the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform live on-stage with country music star Jake Owen.  (He’s the cute guy below for you non-country fans out there, and he happens to be a Florida native!)

Country star Jake Owen

The “Sing It Like Jake” contest kicks off October 11, and the grand-prize winner will receive a trip to Nashville, a behind-the-scenes opportunity to travel with Jake on his tour bus from Nashville to Vero Beach, Florida, and the ultimate prize of performing live on-stage with Jake at his hometown concert at Holman Stadium in Vero Beach on Friday, Dec. 10.

Contest Rules

To enter, contestants must upload a video of themselves singing one of Jake’s songs on LongHorn’s Facebook page between October 11 and October 31.  From October 11 through November 7, visitors to LongHorn’s Facebook page can vote for their favorite video performances.

On November 9, the top 10 videos receiving the most votes will be named as “Sing It Like Jake” contest semi-finalists, receiving dinner for two at their local LongHorn Steakhouse and eligible for the grand prize.  The grand-prize winner will be chosen by Jake Owen and a panel of judges and announced on LongHorn’s Facebook page on November 15.

So, come on and get your voices tuned and start picking songs to sing! We want to see a Central Floridian on stage with Jake!

Don't you want to sing with him?

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Jack Johnson Jams “To the Sea”

Where do I start?  So, Jack Johnson came to the Amway Arena (not the new one, which is Amway Center) in Orlando to support his fifth studio release “To The Sea” and you didn’t have a ticket?  Well, I say, when a rainy, August, Central Florida day can be instantly transformed into a Hawaiian resort, you buy a ticket for that!

If I knew you well, I would even tell you that missing tonight’s show was “culturally irresponsible” and that you should rush off to either Tampa or West Palm Beach in the next couple nights and catch up with Jack.  If I had the means or the time, I would do both.

Upon entering the arena, we were greeted by All At Once staff members with our Village Green Passport encouraging us to take environmental action, meet local non-profit partners, and learn how Jack and his crew are minimizing the environmental impact of the tour  I met the people from the Simple Living Institute from right here in Central Florida.

Before we could see Jack there were some opening acts. ALO and G. Love were exceptional. ALO includes one of Jack’s musicians in Zach Gill. They played about eight songs including my favorite “Girl, I Wanna Lay You Down.”  Zach nearly jumped into the crowd during a cover of “Eye of the Tiger” inserted into the middle of another their songs.  While G. Love sits in a chair with a single spotlight, guitar and harmonica and lives up to his billing: “The Foot Stompin’ Street Side Blues of G. Love”. G. Love provided another 35 minutes of very entertaining and diverse music for a one man band. He has the humor, soul and guitar licks of John Mayer and adds in moments drawn from varying genres of music. I will be buying the music of both opening acts very soon and would recommend that you do the same.

Well, this was my first time seeing Jack. I have long wanted to see him live. We had built it up for years that we were not seeing another concert until we saw Jack.  We own almost all of his music and a surf film or two.  Jack did not disappoint!

Two hours straight through and almost thirty songs.  He played new stuff.  He played old stuff  He covered other artists and shared the spotlight with so many musicians.  The stage fluxuated from Jack alone to nearly a dozen performers playing together.  Truthfully, we were blown away at the ease with which Jack related to the crowd with many conversational give and takes from reading signs and taking requests to talking to a young kid in the front row and supplying him with protective headphones.  He even dedicated songs to certain people that he would spot in the crowd like when he started “Upside Down” he said for that kid sitting on his dad’s shoulders and gestured to them.

I had often wondered how such a mellow act would come off live in concert.  Let me tell you that it was powerful and moving!  I was emotional and blown away by how simple it was for the show to overwhelm the audience.  The stage is nearly barren.  There are no fancy sets, just musicians, instruments and a big screen backdrop.  As Jack says near the end of the show between “Do You Remember” and “Angel” both clearly written to his wife “these are songs to you, but to me they are gifts.”  After seeing Jack Johnson live tonight, his music transformed for me from songs to gifts.  Thanks, Jack!

Unofficial Set List
  • You and Your Heart
  • If I Had Eyes
  • Taylor
  • Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
  • To The Sea
  • Upside Down
  • Go On
  • Red Wine, Mistakes, Mythology
  • Bubble Toes
  • From The Clouds
  • Wasting Time
  • Breakdown
  • Banana Pancakes
  • Mudfootball
  • Turn Your Love
  • Country Road (with Paula Fuga)
  • [unknown] (with Paula Fuga)
  • Flake
  • The Joker
  • Good People
  • Inaudible Melodies
  • Staple It Together (bassist Merlo Polewski sets down the bass and channels all three Beastie Boys in a verse)
  • At or With Me
  • Encore:
  • Do You Remember
  • Angel
  • A Pirate Looks at Forty
  • Better Together (with Paula Fuga, G. Love and ALO)
I do not know what the attendance was tonight, but the arena had to be near capacity.  If you were not one of them, promise yourself that you will catch Jack at the very next chance you get.  Keep an eye out for G. Love and Zach Gill as I expect them to be household names very soon.
And as an FYI for those of you into the green scene, “To The Sea” was recorded at Johnson’s two solar-powered studios: The Mango Tree in Hawaii and the Solar Powered Plastic Plant in Los Angeles.
This review was written by Guest Blogger Extraordinaire Mike Kennedy, Central Florida resident, dad, blogger, and avid swim and beach fan. His blog can be seen at The Mike Kennedy and he can be followed on twitter at @themikekennedy.

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Do Some Good Tomorrow: Wildlife Jambando!

On Sunday, July 25, come out to Wildlife Jambando, which is supporting the Gulf Oil Spill Relief effort. And what is Jambando? Well, I asked one of its originators, local musician Dave Mann. Here’s what he explained:

Well, we’ve been working with The Plaza Theatre for just over a year now to create musical events we call Jambando where bands and fans come together in a community effort to put on the kinds of parties we want to see in Orlando, and it’s been pretty successful, so far. Last month, I got a call from Chris Charles, saxophonist and conductor of The Outer Toons and long-time friend, who suggested we put on a show to benefit the effort to clean up the Gulf. We’d all been hearing the news and the realization that the oil spill was something everyone in Florida was going to have to deal with for a long time was just starting to seep in.

I thought it was a great way to do something positive rather than sit back and stew helplessly, and as the idea for the show started spreading around, it became apparent that many felt the same way including the Plaza Theatre which immediately gave us a date to work with. Jazz legend, Sam Rivers, was one of the first to sign on which blew my mind! The rest of the bands came aboard pretty quickly after that and the result is an amazing and diverse line-up showcasing some of the best music coming out of Orlando. We couldn’t be more thrilled with how this show has turned out! The Wildlife Jambando was born.

To broaden the appeal of the show even further, we decided to put together some fun activities for the kids to create a Kids Jambando in the afternoon to take advantage of having The Outer Toons aboard. Their show is geared toward entertaining kids while teaching a little music education as well and are a lot of fun!

Natalie Wright, violinist for The Outer Toons, did the research for us and found that The Wildlife Foundation of Florida was on the front line of the clean-up effort cleaning up the coasts and caring for the animals being affected by the spill and had already set up a Gulf Restoration Fund dedicated to the long-term effort to clean this mess. We all agreed that this was exactly the kind of effort we wanted to support and they were thrilled that we wanted to help. All proceeds for the show go directly to the Fund.

Natalie also started hitting the phones and visiting local restaurants and businesses to let them know what we’re doing and we are amazed at the response. As a result, Sea World is on board as a gold sponsor and we’ve put together an AMAZING raffle to help raise even more money that features tickets to attractions, a brand, new guitar and gift cards from all sorts of places.

Our goal is to raise the awareness of what’s going on and the Wildlife Foundation of Florida’s efforts, but more importantly, to give everyone a way to pitch in and help. That really is the best thing about this show and everyone involved is donating their time with the sole intention of benefiting a greater good. It’s easy to get mad about all this, but I’m very pleased that we have figured out a positive way to contribute by doing what we do best… and have a great time enjoying a great show while doing it!

The Kids Jambando kicks off at 4PM and with three stages of continuous music, the fun will last all night long. Hope to see you there!

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Apparently I Do Like the Cabaret!

I had a lovely evening Saturday night thanks to KT Sullivan and Jon Weber. We were perfect strangers when the night began, actually, but somehow through the evening, I grew to know them both as if old friends. I’ve been told that happens, though. At a cabaret show.

When I first heard about the 8th Annual Orlando Cabaret, hosted by Mad Cow Theatre, I was not exactly excited. Cabaret was not really my style…or at least I didn’t think so. (But, to tell you the truth, I wasn’t exactly sure just what cabaret was!)  So, with hubby and good friends on hand, we dined like royalty before heading downtown to Magnolia Street, right near the scene of Brian Feldman’s 67 Books.

Jon Weber and Top 5 editor Bess Auer.

Mad Cow Theatre has more of a Chicago feel to me, tucked away in a classic, old building.  The size of the room which KT Sullivan was playing felt intimate and comfortable. We had great seats and when Jon Weber came out first to play, my interest was peaked.  For those of you unfamiliar with his name, Jon has been called the “Greatest Living Jazz Pianist.” Well, let’s just say he was impressive and effortless.

Then KT Sullivan made her entrance…better than Dolly Madison as she strolled in with her evening gown and high heels.  And then she began to sing with her smokey voice. Some songs I knew, others I’d never heard. But each was thoroughly entertaining, as was her banter in between, giving history about each song and tune.  She focused on Howard Dietz songs…a guy I’d never heard of, but before the end of the show, I’d come to recognize his comic genius with lyrics. With lyrics like “I go to bed at 10 but I don’t get home until 4 am” how can the guy not be likable?

While all the songs were enjoyable, KT shone brightest with the slower songs, like “Dancing in the Dark.” The show lasted just over an hour, which was the perfect length, and then both KT and Jon greeted showgoers in the lobby. There, both KT and Jon treated me like an old acquaintance, which of course, I felt like after the hour we spent together. I’ve heard that happens, you know. At a cabaret show.

The Orlando Cabaret will be playing over the next three weeks, featuring a variety of acts including the Broadway Boys. There are evening shows as well as lunchtime shows, where you can even purchase a box lunch or bring your own. Whether you think you like cabaret style music or not, just go. I promise you’ll be glad you did.


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