The Big 25: A Critical Review of my New Year’s Resolutions

So, I revisited my post from last New Year’s and found my resolution list entitled: Every Good Floridian’s New Year’s Resolution List…the Big 25. I wanted to do a critical review of my performance, see just how well I followed through on what I had resolved to do. I figure anything I hadn’t yet achieved, I’ll keep on my 2011 list.

  1. Research how to reduce my carbon footprint…then actually do it- Still on my list.
    After listening to Orville Schell talk at Rollins College, I realize more than ever how important my actions are in Global Warming. But I also learned there are some  major players making a difference, including Walmart!

  2. Use less water- Still on my list.
    With the new landscaping we put in recently, we haven’t reduced our water use at all; if anything, it has increased. (So has my water bill!) So this stays on my list for 2011.

  3. Start recycling- Still on my list.
    We actually started; truly.  But it lost steam in my household, so we’ll try once again in 2011.

  4. Actually remember to take in the reusable bags when I go grocery shopping- Still on my list.
    The older I get, the less I remember anything, let alone reusable bags as I walk in the grocery store. *sigh*

  5. Now that the SunRail is here, support it- Still on my list.
    I hope the SunRail will bring some much-needed jobs to the area, but the project doesn’t actually get underway until 2013, so until then, we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

  6. Research the potential candidates in the Senate Race [insert Crist, Rubio, other names here] and make an informed choice- Done.
    Onward to a better 2011 in terms of government, eh? Let’s get the economy rolling and some new jobs in Central Florida!

  7. Cheer for the two Florida athletes in the Winter Games: Anthony Lobello and Jennifer Rodriguez – Done.
    Looking to 2012! Lots of Central Florida athletes are sure to represent, including current World Record Holder Ryan Lochte!

  8. Spend more time outdoors enjoying Central Florida weather- Done.
    I am hoping for a mild winter for my new plants. (See Resolution #2)  We Floridians just aren’t cut out for cold winters, hence my recent post entitled “Thin-Blooded Floridian Meets Thick-Sweatered Cold.”

  9. Wear sunscreen daily- Mostly done.
    I don’t actively lay out in the sun, but I don’t always apply in the mornings. But, this great reminder about sunscreen from J’s Every Day Fashion has helped me recently to include it in my morning routine.

  10. Buy orange juice from Florida growers- Done.
    Local. Local. Local.  (And there’s a great orange juice shop called Hollieanna Groves right on 17-92 in Maitland!)

  11. Visit a farmer’s market at least once a month- Mostly done.
    Fortunately there are a variety to choose from, some occurring on different days of the week. My favorites? Winter Park Farmers Market on Saturday, Maitland Farmers Market on Sundays, and Audoban Park Farmers Market on Mondays.

  12. Shop at local boutiques- Mostly done.
    Sometimes convenience overrides this, and unfortunately the economy is really hit small independent stores hard, but when I can, I am there.

  13. Donate to a local charity that services locally- Done.
    And I love the fact that many Top 5 fans are big supporters of local charities, too. Just check out this list of great local organizations they supplied!

  14. Visit the Central Florida Zoo- Still on my list.
    I just haven’t had the time, but I can’t wait to try their Zoom Air Adventure.

  15. Visit the Central Florida Top 5 website to plan my schedule- Still on my list, of course!
    And, we’ve got BIG NEWS about our site, with several exciting things happening in 2011. Stay tuned!

  16. Visit a local museum at least once a month…lots of culture to choose from!- Mostly done.
    I discovered the Mennello Museum of American Art this year… one of my favorite local places now.

  17. Find out the local musicians/bands and buy their music- Mostly done.
    I discovered Aaron Childree, Russ Watkins, Ron Irizarry thanks to Orlando Live, and so they go down as new local favorites. I also love bands like FunkUs that support Rock for Hunger, which benefits locals.

  18. Go to the local theatre…there’s some really fantastic talent- Done.
    There are some really great local theaters, including Orlando Shakespeare Theater, Mad Cow, and Winter Park Playhouse, and they provide performances for the young and old alike. (My Christmas present to my parents? Chaps! A Jingle, Jangle Christmas at Orlando Shakes…and they LOVED it!) And, of course, a special shout out to United Arts for helping keep this fantastic theater and other arts alive and well in Central Florida.

  19. Adopt a pet from the shelter rather than a chain pet store- Done.
    Our newest family member, Juan, is a rescue dog… and what a cutie! (I couldn’t believe somebody could get rid of a 2.9 pound Yorkie!) And, yes, this little rock star of a pooch, does have his own Facebook Fan Page!

  20. Become a better neighbor- Still on my list.
    Of course, in addition to my immediate neighbors living next door to me, I also mean a better neighbor to my fellow Central Floridian.  And, this reminder from just the other day let me know I still have a long, long way to go.

  21. Support the home team (in whatever sport you choose)- Done.
    Yes, I am still a Gator (all kinds of weather, you know) but I am also a HUGE supporter of the home teams:  UCF (ranked Top 25 in football and basketball), Rollins (#2 in men’s soccer), Florida Tuskers, Orlando Predators (So glad they’re back-April 2011!), Orlando Magic, Blue Dolfins (Central Florida’s oldest swim team), and now the Orlando City Soccer Club all have me rooting for them!

  22. Find a new local blog to follow…we have some great writers with really interesting things to say!- Done.
    I’ve had the great honor of meeting many Orlando bloggers this year. If you haven’t perused my list, take time to discover some great local writers! I’ve also gotten to know some great travel bloggers, many of whom are local, so if you need travel, info, look here.

  23. Visit a theme park…when’s the last time you actually went to one?- Done.
    Universal Studio’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Sea World were tops on my list this year. But as my Texas nieces and nephew are always quick to remind me, “You live at Disney World!” So, why not take advantage of these great parks?

  24. Read or watch the local news (in print or online…be informed about your community)- Mostly done.
    I must admit, Twitter is my main source of news now…and I do follow local news anchors! LOL And, if you are on Twitter, follow me; I’d love to tweet with you and I follow back if you are local or interested in Central Florida!

  25. Support space travel. (For jobs, economy, and for the future…)- Done and still doing it.
    One of the highlights of 2010 was attending the NASA Tweet Up STS-133. I didn’t even matter that the shuttle didn’t actually launch (I have seen that before), but simply being there with space enthusiasts from all over the world, reminded me of how many eyes were watching Central Florida. I took great pride in knowing we were the leaders of the human race in space exploration, which to me is the greatest achievement of mankind.  I consider my grandmother…when she was young her family would take a horse and wagon on an all-day trip to New Smyrna Beach. However, before she died, she was able to witness man walking on the Moon!  So, despite a recent, major re-alignment to NASA and our Space Program, I still can only dream of what can be accomplished in my lifetime… here’s aiming for the stars in 2011 and beyond!

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