Video Round Up for 2010

Okay, so it was a bit tougher to search through an entire year’s worth of videos about Central Florida… but we managed to find what we think are the Top 5 videos of 2010.  (And, hey, if you disagree, feel free to post a link to your favorites in the comments section!)

So, what was our criteria? Well, we used YouTube’s viewer count as our main guide as well our own judgement as to the quality and interest of the clips.  So, without further adieu, here are our Top 5:

Really Weird Cloud Formations

(Note: This is not in Central Florida, but it occurred when UCF was playing K-State and they had the now infamous hour and a half lightning delay, so we still counted it.)  And, after seeing the clouds, all we could think of was why were those people still in the stands?  Didn’t they see the Wizard of Oz?!

Black and Gold!

We love that UCF has become a powerhouse in sports, being ranked in the top 25 in both football and basketball (WOOT!) and so this song clip by Wiz Khalifa seems entirely appropriate for the yearly Top 5. (From Central Florida’s very own Scott Kinmartin TV)


As a salute to the agricultural side of Florida, which is hugely important to our local economy, check out this video of a foal being born…too adorable! (And if you’ve never driven through Horse Country, think Ocala which is called the Horse Capitol of the World, then you need to take a Sunday afternoon drive up 441!)

Missing Girl Found

We just love happy endings…yes!

Central Florida Fair!

This film is pure art…just lovely, really.  (By Ben Van Hook)

And, two honorable mentions for the Central Florida Zoo…one good and one NOT so good (but really funny):

Good video – ZOOM

NOT so good video: Inappropriate Commercial. (This just missed our year cut off date, actually, but is it even real? Anyone know?  Somehow we’re thinking it’s not, but it does tickle our funny bones!)

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