Total Eclipse Tonight – Along with the Yule Feast

Okay, this is kind of cool:  The Pagan observance, the Yule Feast, which some believe is the origin of the December date of Christmas, dates back thousands of years and coincides with the Winter Solstice.  Originally, it was believed that the Sun King was reborn every year on this day, after dying off in the fall.

There are those in Orlando who revel in this tradition, and Dandelion  Communitea Cafe is holding a special feast just for tonight.

And, to make the night even more special, this evening features a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, visible in its entirety, and only  aligns with a Solstice every 100+ years. (Almost 400 years since visible in Florida!) So, the Florida School of Holistic Living will be hosting a celebratory rhythm circle in the garden that will go into the night (until 3 am).

Sounds kind of neat, huh?



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4 responses to “Total Eclipse Tonight – Along with the Yule Feast

  1. Glad to know about the eclipse tonight. Thank you Bess!

  2. Some “believe?” Even church historians agree than Christmas was moved to December 25th to keep the Pagans in the early church. The actual birth of Christ had to have happened in the late Spring/early Summer for the flocks of sheep to be outside at night–it was too darn cold in the winter and there was no grass or food for them to eat.

    There’s no “believe” to it. Yule was the original holiday and the religious observation was added to the Christian celebration of “Christ’s Mass,” which is where the name “Christmas” comes from.

    • Thanks for the clarification, Jesse. That is very valuable information. Just so you know, when I blog I usually try to stay away from absolutes, as there is always somebody who will disagree, thus the “some believe” instead of “everyone believes” seemed appropriate in this case, but your information is duly noted. I appreciate it!

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