Flash Mob in Orlando! Be a Part of It!

The Top 5 is so excited that a flash mob is being organized in Orlando to celebrate tourism!  So, what’s a flash mob, you ask? Here’s one performed in Stockolm in tribute to Michael Jackson:

So, we definitely want to be a part of this, and we’re sure you do, too. First of all, sign up here: FLASH MOB FACEBOOK INVITE

Singers, Dancers, EVERYONE (that means you and me). They’re hoping to have one core group to be our “voice” and then have EVERYONE else in our community that wants to be part of history…and well, something very cool.

Sign up here and put your email into the comments. All event locations and times will be handled via email…not through Facebook.

Flash mob choreographer:
Michael Wanzie, master of all that is entertainment.

End of January (have to be vague about the date at this point, but they have already zoned in on the event and location). The goal will be to target a time when the MOST people can be present.

Rehearsal will be announced 2 days before the event via email. They will then announce, via private email…where we will rehearse (1 hour).

You will learn where the event will happen the night prior to the actual event.

$0 but the memory will be priceless!

There is no doubt this will go viral. What we’ll hope for is the event will be impactful, moving and help clearly illustrate that Orlando is open for business and we’re FUN.

We love this idea! Come on, Orlando, and let’s make it BIG!

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