Central Floridians Are Good at Giving Back

I just saw a tweet from Christie Hyde (@ChristieSays) saying she was volunteering at a cold weather shelter tonight, when the temperatures are expected to drop below freezing. I must admit I was impressed with her. In fact, I am impressed with anyone who goes out of their way to help support others, especially those less fortunate and in need.

Volunteers from Darden’s Specialty Restaurant Group painting Coalition for the Homeless’ Center for Women and Families.

And while you may not be inspired to actually drive some place to physically volunteer, perhaps you might be moved to give a little financially. Here is a way you can help right now:

Second Harvest Food Bank is partnering with the Give Back Central Florida Fund to announce the “Give Back Central Florida Challenge.” Before the year ends, Central Floridians will be challenged to make contributions to the Food Bank. Those who do so will see their Dollars Doubled thanks to the Fund’s philanthropic commitment of a matching grant for $500,000.

Last year, about 25 percent of the Central Florida population received food assistance … that’s 732,000 people – nearly 300,000 were children. Nick Gregory of the Give Back Central Florida Fund hopes to inspire donors through his matching grant to make much-needed year-end contributions to help fight hunger throughout the region.  To qualify, gift amounts must be between $1,000 and $50,000, and be received by December 31, 2010.

For more information on the campaign or to make a donation, contact  Greg Higgerson at 407-843-5009, ext. 21 or email Greg at ghiggerson@foodbankcentralflorida.org.

Even if you cannot afford to donate that large of an amount to be matched, any amount would be most welcomed and put to good use. Give yourself a gift this season, by knowing you helped someone in need!


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2 responses to “Central Floridians Are Good at Giving Back

  1. Best way to gift yourself and others by helping the unfortunates. Tarun and I donated food, clothings and money last week at the Downtown Orlando Homeless Shelter and we feel so good to be able to contribute. It’s an undescribable feeling.

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