Mousevent: A Fun Twist on the Old Advent

When I heard about this, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect… an audio advent calendar?  Say what?  But, the MouseVent idea has proven to be quite a fun thing.

I must say it really is ingenious fun!  Brought to us by a group of Disney-oriented podcasts, who have created a special audio message for each day of the advent calendar. They bring a bit of Disney trivia and insider knowledge which creates some very interesting listening material.

Just click on the day and listen to fun stories by some of the best theme park and Disney-focused podcasters.  For example, did you know we can thank Santa Claus for the idea of being able to dine with characters at Disney World? Other times the podcast is just silly fun to listen to! (Day 3 provides fun sing-a-longs children will especially love!)

So, if you are fan of Advent Calendars, give this one a try! It’s free and right on your computer. Gotta love that!



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