College Park: Holiday on the Drive

One of my favorite local ‘hoods, College Park, was sparkling this evening with their annual Holiday on the Drive.



This mega-block party featured street vendors, entertainers, musicians, food, drink, and the restaurants and boutiques were hopping:



There were plenty of other things to do, from bounce houses for kids to decorating gingerbread cookies from street-side karts.



I enjoyed the scene and then met up for dinner at Harmoni with fellow bloggers Katy Widrick, J from J’s Everyday Fashion, and Meghann from Meals and Miles. We even got to see Jackie of Momjovi with her adorable family!

We had a fabu meal and then ventured out to see street dancing!  And, to our surprise, Katy Kwidrick jumped right in to perform in this seemingly flash mob provided by the uber cool Dance Trance:

Okay, so it wasn’t actually a true flash mob, but it was lots of fun to watch!  I first heard about Dance Trance on the Pulse of Central Florida when blogger Ashley Edwards wrote about his visit. After reading that and seeing them dance tonight, I’m pretty sure I will be visiting in my near future!

So, thanks College Park for a fun evening… the cool weather and fun street party was a great way to put me in the mood to enjoy the holiday season!


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4 responses to “College Park: Holiday on the Drive

  1. This video is awesome! That kid blows me away. I think he’s ready to come perform with us.

    It was such a pleasure, as always, to see you and talk to you. You are an amazing leader in social media and networking and I’m SO glad to call you friend!

  2. Hahaha!! Love the video! You should totally come to DT sometime! I’m not there as much as Katy, so you can stand in the back with me ’til we can rock the routines like this!

    Such a fun surprise to bump into you all in my ‘hood! Hope to see everyone again soon!

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