Cyber Monday is Killing Me (Wait until my son gets home from school!)

Yep, it is Cyber Monday, the online shopping equivalent of Black Friday. And as I cruise the internet and all my assorted social media sites, I can’t help but get eyefuls of the deals out there.  Of course, on Black Friday all I had to do was stay away from the malls and shut off the local news.

With Cyber Monday, though, it is e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e!

Deals popping up in my inbox, streaming across websites, ads on Facebook and running down fan page walls, and even Twitter has its share of ads. UGH! I might actually be tempted into spending money I shouldn’t…STOP IT!

I can’t get away from it…My son even texted me from school informing me about the Cyber Monday deals:

“Since it’s Cyber Monday, prices will be slashed. Would you pretty please go to apple or best buy and buy some Beats by Dr. Dre, the big chunky kind, not the small skinny kind, and use it as a Christmas present? They are marked down by $300 and it’s a great deal. These were on my Xmas list and I really want them. Thank you so much for considering this Mommy. I love you and have a good day.”

I chose to ignore this since there is NO WAY I am getting a teenager earphones that cost hundreds of dollars.  So, a few minutes later I get a second text:

“Or a Kinect for Xbox 360 cuz those are slightly cheaper but that is fun for the whole family! 🙂 Just the kinect I think not the Xbox 360 that comes with it.”

I don’t even know what a Kinect is, so I again ignored the message, wondering what class he was in and asking myself why he was texting me in the middle of it!  Then, a few minutes later:

“Have a good day 😉 This will help us bond as a family and prices have SEVERELY dropped.”

Okay, so my son knows what buttons to push…family bonding, cheerful wishings to me… yeah, a born salesman. And I do admire the all caps on SEVERELY to emphasize the savings I will be getting. Nice touch.

So, Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketers, congratulations!  You have won!  You have bullied me through my son into spending money I don’t want to spend. No, he won’t be getting any Dr. Dre headphones for hundreds of dollars, and I don’t even know what this Kinect is, but I’m pretty sure Amazon is having some good deals on books today….he he he.

(He’s going to need a good book after losing his phone for texting in class!)


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2 responses to “Cyber Monday is Killing Me (Wait until my son gets home from school!)

  1. I ABSOLUTELY love this post 😀 Hilarity!!!

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