Twitter to the Rescue!

I had heard about this before, but just rediscovered this valuable information… For those who live in Orlando, you can follow any calls made to the Orlando Police Department (Orange County Sheriff’s Office is in development.)

Just put in OrlPol + the zip code you want to follow, and you will receive tweets anytime a call goes out.  Here’s an example: @OrlPol32803

We love the idea of people keeping watch in their neighborhoods, even in a virtual, online, social media type of way! Way to go! Let’s keep Orlando as safe as possible!

And to view a map of where the calls are lodged, you can click here.



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5 responses to “Twitter to the Rescue!

  1. Wowser! This is exciting and so informative! I love it when govt agencies are also involved in social media. Get to share information quicker and efficiently. Thanks for the info Bess.

  2. @DigsRetro

    I tried this in my area 32826 and it pretty much just tweets about Hidden River Rv Park-Canoe Rentals. Maybe it only works in Orlando proper, I’m in unincorporated east orange county. Shrug.

  3. Get helpful tip. Just reTweeted. Thank you.

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