Take Out for Thanksgiving? Oh yeah!

So, I met up with several Orlando area tweeters and bloggers at Boston Market for a tasting of the restaurant’s newly enhanced menu. I spent time with @dafoodie, @thedailycity, @kiran_, and @tastychomps and we had a lovely time catching up over some very yummy food.

Top 5 editor Bess Auer with Mark Baratelli of the The Daily City and Kiran Srivastava of Chatterbox.

Now, the non-foodie in me (I love to eat but not to cook!) started to think a bit ahead… Thanksgiving is just around the corner, right? I’ve got my smoked turkey ordered from Bubbalou’s but am in desperate need of some really good side dishes. (I’m not kidding…I really do not cook.)  So, what better timing for me than to be able to sample some side dishes tonight?

In addition to Boston Market’s normal sides, here’s some of the new gourmet sides we got to try:

  • Loaded Mashed Potatoes
  • Garlicky Lemon Savoy Spinach
  • Squash Casserole (My favorite!)
  • Mediterranean Green Beans

Yep, I am one step ahead of you… I’m already placing my order for next week!

And, what else is new at Boston Market?  Well, for one things, there were ceramic plates and real silverware. And, table service… really!

I think this change is a positive step for the chain.  And, they have definitely made my Thanksgiving easier!

Some of the new yummy side dishes!


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4 responses to “Take Out for Thanksgiving? Oh yeah!

  1. Are these limited time only?
    I was wondering about them seating people today and delivering their food… I stopped in but didn’t stay (the line was too long and wasn’t moving). I am sure they’ll get their wits about them but considering the new food, new service… one might want to prepare themselves for a wait.
    I wouldn’t mind the wait, now knowing, but didn’t have time to wait for just a little take out with a hungry 2.5 year old 🙂
    Can’t wait to go back!

    • There was no wait at the Boston Market we went to as they seemed to have everything well-managed. That is food for thought, though. (Nice pun!) They will obviously have to make sure they have the training in place to assure there are no lines. That’s what my family likes… it is fast food but still healthy and yummy! I highly recommend the squash casserole… oh my! And I don’t think they are limited time… I think they are just new.

  2. Jenni Izzo

    Thanks for the info, Bess! I’ve always been a big fan of Boston Market, but rarely eat there because it is a bit out if the way for me. This was a good reminder to stop in and try their new dishes. The squash casserole sounds great. I just might need to order one for Thanksgiving! If I don’t talk to you before, have a nice holiday — and enjoy your sides! 😉

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