Top 5 “Other Music” Events for November

1. 38th Annual Handel’s Messiah

November 28 at Bob Carr Performing Arts Center
A traditional show, we can’t wait to allow our ears to be blessed with this music!

2. Thanksgiving Day Carillon Concerts

November 25 at Bok Tower Gardens
If you have never been to the Bok Tower Gardens, treat yourself and family this Thanksgiving. Sumptuous as pumpkin pie!

3. Orlando Philharmonic Home for the Holidays

November 27 at The Bob Carr Performing Arts Center
We love to ring in the coming holidays with some of our favorite holiday melodies!

The Orlando Philharmonic performing with the legendary John Williams at the recent opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

4. The Grand Knights of Singing-An Opera Gala

November 7-14 at UCF Opera Rehearsal Hall Auditorium
We love the thought of listening to gorgeous voices fill the air during this season. And until Orlando Opera makes a come back, we’re heading to UCF!

5. Something New

November 8 and 12 at Winter Park Playhouse
Featuring T. Robby Piggot and then Tim Evanicki, the area’s only theater dedicated to musical theater may have a hit on its hands!

T. Robert Piggott

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