Mount Dora: Goblins and Goblets of Wine, Oh my!

So as part of her innkeeper duties, Ana Tuttle had several good suggestions and made all of my reservations for me!  And the place we went for dinner on Saturday night is a local favorite: The Goblin Market.

The entrance is tucked away on a back alley, and you feel as if you are headed to the Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley (for you Harry Potter fans!).  And, if you don’t mind dining amid skulls and trolls overlooking your meal (yes, it was decked out for Halloween), or the many bookshelves and withering vines, then you will be right at home. Edgar Allan Poe should have dined thusly!

But, don’t be confused by the fantastic goblin theme, as The Goblin Market is nicer dining at $25 to $30 an entree… and what fine gourmet it is!

I had crab bisque soup and friend pumpkin ravioli, while @swimmerjoe at a gourmet chicken pizza with gouda cheese. Yum! And, if you arrive early (yes, you probably need reservations) then you can head upstairs to the lounge and bar area, another local hang out.

On our walk home, though, we stopped in at another local favorite, The Wine Den.  This intimate place was welcoming with a knowledgeable staff who had great wine suggestions.  The Wine Den was a great place for a night-cap… love it!

So, this concludes our fabulous time in Mount Dora. We returned home feeling refreshed, renewed, and restored to sanity. Thanks, Mount Dora!


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2 responses to “Mount Dora: Goblins and Goblets of Wine, Oh my!

  1. The Goblin Market looks like so much fun for a meal. We’ve not yet tried, but they did invite us in to take a look around – that it’s off a charming little alley only adds to its mysterious charm. This is a fine-dining spot w/prices to reflect that. Yet the ambiance is so wonderful, it’s on our “to do” list for Mount Dora.
    Other cheaper options are available around town – as you know – so one isn’t married to the higher pricing.
    Mount Dora is truly the perfect little getaway from Orlando – or almost anywhere in Central Florida.
    And as you know – one of our favorite spots over here at RoriTravel’s Florida.
    Thanks for sharing your time around town! When’s our next meet-up there?!
    – Rori

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