Mount Dora: Central Florida’s Great Escape

The Top 5 spent a magical weekend far, far away…. or at least it seemed like it!  We headed to a North Carolina town, a New England hamlet; a hilly place with a quaint street scape, a place of yesteryear; a town with fantastic gourmet eateries, unique boutiques, and the friendliest people you will ever meet…and it is all just 30 minutes outside of Orlando!

When deciding what to do for my hubby’s birthday, I had big ideas: Stay at the Biltmore or the Grove Park Inn (we love North Carolina after all).  However, time and money being what they are, I had to make some quick decisions. Yes, we wanted to escape the Rat Race. Yes, we wanted some place with incredible restaurants, spas for pampering, good shopping, and a wonderfully ideal place to stay.  No, I didn’t want to spend a fortune, and no, we didn’t have a week, only a weekend. So, I focused on Mount Dora, a place we had visited but had never stayed.

So, after asking a few questions of some tweeps in the know, the Mount Dora Historic Inn was named as the place to stay. Owned by Jim and Ana Tuttle, the Inn, which was built in 1880s, is a delightful bed and breakfast, the breakfasts are to die for!  Everyone was correct: The bed and breakfast is beautiful and comfortable, and the food sumptuous.

Breakfast #1:

  • A chilled Polynesian soup (think smoothie-like)
  • French bread French toast stuffed with a delicious strawberry-cream cheese concoction (French bread baked on-site)
  • Beef kielbasa (oh yeah!)

Breakfast #2:

  • Vanilla-infused grapefruit soup (oh my goodness!)
  • Three cheese souffle (that nearly rose to the ceiling)
  • Sweet potato pancakes (that really didn’t need any syrup they were so sweet!)

The other guests at the Inn were equally charmed, and one couple from Connecticut said they felt like they were still in New England.  Mount Dora feels more like North carolina to @swimmerjoe and me, but either way, it sure doesn’t feel anything like Orlando!

Just so you can get a better visual, check out this short video of the Mount Dora Historic Inn:

Check back soon to see what neat things we did in Mount Dora.


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10 responses to “Mount Dora: Central Florida’s Great Escape

  1. RKG

    Looking forward to more info on Mount Dora. I’m planning a trip out there with my wife soon.

  2. darlin barry

    Bess, so glad that you loved Mount Dora. Wish we had our show open so you could have enjoyed one more of Mount Dora’s favorite features, The IceHouse Theatre. When you come back up, please let me know so we can treat you to a performance as our guests. Miracle on 34th Street opens 11/19 for the holidays! Darlin Barry, Artistic Director

  3. sandra

    Looked like a fun weekend. I might consider it as an option.

  4. Jim & Ana are two of the nicest people in that sweet little town! Their inn is wonderful – we had a tour & covered it on RorITravel’s Florida – and of course know them from Twitter & our ever expanding personal friendship.
    One day we’ll get to taste Jim’s cooking – in the mean time… we dream…

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