Top 5 “Popular Music” Events for November

1. America’s Got Talent

November 7 at Bob Carr Performing Arts Center
One of our favorite shows is coming featuring the 10 ten performers from this latest season, including Jackie Evancho and Prince Poppycock! If you are not familiar with Jackie Evancho, just listen to her unbelievably beautiful voice… and no, she is NOT lipsynching!

And, for flair and fashion (as well as incredible talent) here’s Prince Poppycock:

2. Sevendust with 10 Years

November 11 at House of Blues
We’re so excited about Sevendust and 10 Years coming… sure winners for our ears!



With their hit song “Driven” we’re excited to hear them sing in the more intimate setting of the House of Blues. We think dinner at Downtown Disney and then rocking out with Sevendust and 10 Years sounds like an awesome night!

3. Rock For Hunger 5

November 6 at Festival Field at the Florida Citrus Bowl
Featuring a variety of local bands, we love rocking out for a cause! Especially during the upcoming season where so many are hungry!

4. Diana Ross

November 19 at King Performing Arts Center in Melbourne
Want a chance to see a legend? You don’t get much more legendary that Diana Ross! Appearing in her “More Than Yesterday” tour, we can’t wait!

The fabulous Diana Ross

6. Loretta Lynn

November 21 at King Performing Arts Center in Melbourne
Country fans unite! For over 50 years now she has been a cultural icon in the country music industry… whoah!

Legendary Loretta Lynn

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