Announcing the November “Top 5” (And where you Can Find It)

One of the most exciting times around the Central Florida Top 5 comes around the first of every month, when we announce the “Top 5” upcoming events for the next month. You know, the Top 5 literary events, Top 5 sports events, etc., and this cam be a valuable tool for planning your calendar.

Since we have done away with our traditional, free-standing website (where we used to list all the different Top 5 categories), we are now listing the monthly Top 5 here on this blog as a static page. (See the top just to the left above the giant girl’s head? Right there you will see November Top 5!) The nice thing about a blog page, though, is we can highlight each category further, with pictures and even more information about the events.

You can also find out even more information on our Facebook fan page.

So, we hope you enjoy checking out November’s Top 5 events and that you will explore all the great things Central Florida has to offer!

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