A Hot and Sticky Florida Halloween? (Nah, let’s get creepy!)

I bet you’ll never guess why I love Halloween so much!

I love Halloween because of the season’s ability to motivate my middle schoolers to read and write! Most of my readers probably know that in addition to editing the Central Florida Top 5, I also teach middle school English.  Well, in between soccer practice and video games, my students have little time is left for reading, let alone writing! But, enter Halloween, with its doominess and gloominess, its eerie sights and sounds…yep, my students relish reading about it!

By reading Edgar Allan Poe’s creepy tales, we can create a bit of the spookiness right here in Sunny Florida.  By exploring the madness of H.P. Lovecraft’s short stories, my students can contemplate the undead roaming the earth once again.  And through Washington Irving’s writings, they can imagine a story book setting of scarecrows in the field and pumpkins lining the front porches of New England’s sleepy hamlets.

Yes, through literature we can escape our 90+ degree weather and pretend the leaves outside have already turned to a bright crimson or burnt gold and have dropped to the ground, leaving the bare tree branches to claw at the moon!

So, to celebrate the season on the Top 5 blog, I thought why not recreate a little of this magic for you, my readers… so, here’s a little gem of a short film based on Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart.” (More spookiness will be forthcoming as we creep towards All Hallow’s Eve!)

So what’s your favorite spooky tale?


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