Taylor Swift takes Time for Kids (and reading!)

Students at local private school, Park Maitland School, got a special treat today. They were “visited” by Taylor Swift via a webcast, where Taylor relayed to the students how important reading is to her personally.  This was a special event hosted by Scholastic (who has a division here in Central Florida) to celebrate their 90th year of of book selling.

Other schools were allowed to “tune in” for the webcast, where students got to ask Taylor questions and listen to her answers.  Taylor listed To Kill a Mockingbird and Dr. Seuss’s as some of her all-time favorite books.  When asked what she thought was the most important thing about reading, she responded by listing the items that might go unnoticed unless a person had read something about it to be interested:  Civil War items in a museum, a plant with incredible orange blooms, or even a particular place to visit.  She sagely noted, “Life has more color if you have read about it.”

We at the Top 5 couldn’t agree more!

Students were then treated to a live performance of Taylor’s new single “Sparks Fly.” Taking time to tell children about the importance of reading, answering their questions, and then singing for them… yeah, we think she makes a pretty darn good role model!


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  1. That’s awesome! I hope she continues spreading her good values 🙂

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