Mobile Art Show: Have Art? Will Travel.

The Daily City Mobile Art Show will be coming to an area near you… eventually!  This time around (and this is the 13th show!) the Mobile Art Show will be stopping at the corner of Orange and Pine in downtown Orlando on September 16 from 7 – 9 pm.

Haven’t heard of the Mobile Art Show before? named it one of America’s 10 “Wackiest Businesses on Wheels” and the New York City art blog called it “very cool.”

If you haven’t ever been to the Mobile Art Show, brainchild of Mark Baratelli, professional actor and editor of The Daily City, then you are in for a treat. Imagine what seems like a typical U-haul, but when it unfolds, you find delightful, high quality artwork inside. This Mobile Art Show will feature the artwork from the website Uncover the Color featuring a variety of artists, including Uncover the Color founder Cole Nesmith.

This is one venue definitely worth cruising by to check out!


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