Rollins College makes the SAT optional!

With so much emphasis placed on standardized testing lately with the “No Child Left Behind” policy, it is rather refreshing to see a swing back towards a more well-rounded student. Rollins College, celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, is doing just that by allowing admissions based on a student’s portfolio, which highlights their strengths, rather than just  single test.

Colleges who have taken the same route have reported higher admission applications and feel they are getting a broader base of students bringing a variety of talents to school.

Of course, students who are athletic-based or merit-based scholars still must qualify using the traditional SAT/ACT/GPA manner, but other students may gain access to a college education by presenting themselves in the best light.

So, to my fellow writers out there, who are like me and find math to be a terrible nemesis, rejoice in the positive direction that Rollins is headed!


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3 responses to “Rollins College makes the SAT optional!

  1. How cool is that?! I wish they had portfolio assesment when I was applying to school ’cause my SAT scores sucked eggs. Now, my GRE score is a different story, I totally rocked the 1270! I guess that ancient Egyptian spell worked!

  2. Julie

    How refreshing it is to know one test score is not the determinate for college entry! I applaud those schools who look at the whole student.

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