Introducing our newest sponsor!

The Top 5 is so excited to announce our later sponsor: Ms. Holiday Shakespeare!

Have you heard about her yet? She’s our latest obssession!  (Check out her fabulous teaser here!)

She’s a freshman at Rollins College and is blogging about her time there…and so we get to follow her adventures at a beautiful school in a city we know very well. How fun to see what she will discover, where she’ll visit, and who she’ll meet! 

Her blog, entitled “Beware the Ex Varto” certainly implies theres more to her story than just a simple “Heading off to school for the first time.” It definitely has our curiosity peaked…and what’s more, her first video in her Vlog is definitely a  total tease! 

So, please show our sponsor Ms. Shakespeare some love and check her out her blog. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and FourSquare, too! Whatever else happens, we’re sure Holiday Shakespeare is going to take us on one wild ride this school year! Won’t you join the fun?



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5 responses to “Introducing our newest sponsor!

  1. SuZ

    How cool! I’m an Alumni!! 🙂

  2. Sandra

    Holiday, Rollins is a great place to learn and meet new people. I know you will have many neat experiences during your freshman year Enjoy the adventure!

  3. Julie

    I attended Rollins for my Master of Arts degree–what a great school! I’m looking forward to reading about Holly’s first year at college.

  4. Rollins College is a great school. Great blog read, thanks Bess 🙂

    ps: Let’s meet up for brunch some day.

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