“Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead”

Yep, that was the motto at the last Marine Corps Marathon my hubby did: Trample the weak, hurdle the dead.  It’s just a frame of mind that endurance athletes get into whenever they are training for a race… blood, sweat, and tears mean nothing to them!

So, when I announced to my hubby that his non-athletic wife was training for an endurance race, he tried very hard to hold back his laughter. Not letting the chortles discourage me, I have been waking up early for the past several months to train for the most exciting endurance race of the year, this Saturday’s Cure for the Run.

To commemorate the intense distance, this year’s race theme is Maximum Movement Xtreeeeeeem (MMX in Roman numerals) and it will measure how great a human being’s feats of prowess can be… and I truly believe I will be able to finish this ultimate test!

So, just how far is this run? —–> 0.05k (Yep, that is approximately 165 feet! Whew!)   I know you are impressed…

It all takes place at Wall Street Plaza on this Saturday afternoon from 2 p m – 7 pm. It’s hosted by the great guys (and gals) from SomaCow, the greatest internet radio talk show, ev-ar! There will be fabulous raffle prizes, entertainment and refreshments, but the best thing about this run is that is raises funds for New Hope for Kids, one of my favorite organizations!

Why do I like New Hope for Kids so much? Well, it is a center that helps children cope with the death of a parent or loved one, and after my brother passed away two years ago, New Hope for Kids was a wonderful help to my nieces and nephew, so I truly believe in the organization and what it stands for. So, please consider donating to the Cure for the Run, even if you decide the mighty distance is just too much for you to bear!

Here’s video from last year’s run:


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