Here’s to THE year!

Children across the state of Florida are pulling on their new duds and shuffling off to school… what a special time of year!

In case you didn’t realize it, I am a teacher in addition to editing the Top 5 blog. I teach 6th grade English at Park Maitland School, and today was my students’ first day back…only I wasn’t there! (I missed my first two class periods because I was at Orange TV Studios filming an interview for the Top 5 conducted by the talented Cory Warren of United Arts!) However, my students’ excitement and expectations were almost palpable when I finally made it to school to join them.

And my own son isn’t immune to this anticipation… an only child, he relishes the social interaction school gives, so he was very anxious to return today. You know the routine, when the night before he agrees to go to bed a reasonable hour, then he nearly leaps from bed this morning. (If only this would last all school year long!)

But as both a teacher and a parent, I want to point out something very specific to all the other parents out there…I want my students to succeed just as much as I want my own son to succeed.  As I was lying in bed last night, I had a sense of excitement when thinking about the coming school year…anything was possible! I held out hope that this year would be the one that my son grows by leaps and bounds, finds his true interests, and discovers his potential.  Then I realized that every other parent in the state was probably hoping for the same things for their children.

We all want the best, and it is my job as a teacher to help my students achieve this… so, parents, please do not look at your children’s teacher as an obstacle, but rather as a stepping stone, who is there to help your child reach that potential! So, to all the families who have headed back to school today… I hope this year is a fabulous one for you!

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