Go see “The Turn of the Screw”… We DARE You!

BEWARE! Tomorrow is Friday the 13th…

And what better way to spend such an unlucky day  than buying tickets to see one of the most famous ghost stories, The Turn of the Screw, the legendary tale by Henry James and described by Stephen King as the “quintessential ghost story.”

Children from a foreign production of the "The Turn of the Screw"

To make Friday the 13th a little less unfortunate for you unlucky lucky people, the Orlando Shakespeare Theater is offering a special $13 off the ticket price. (Great deal! Visit www.orlandoshakes.org and use the code GHOST)

Orlando Shakes’ version will be performed October 15 – 24, but buy your tickets tomorrow, August 13, for the special $13 discounted price!

So, put a little luck in your Friday the 13… we dare you!


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