Can I get an ‘Amen!’?

Like any Gator grad, I am faithful to all our athletes…especially those who brought about a National Championship as well as  a Heisman Trophy. But, when they start wearing their hair like Friar Tuck… something’s gotta give!

Photo by Ron Chenoy / US Presswire

Who says hazing is on the way out? (At least in professional sports…)

But, thankfully I’ve heard Tim Tebow has shed his monk-like ‘do for a Mr. Clean hairstyle instead. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen tweeted, “Saw Tebow w regular buzz cut; looks go like a regular 5 o-clock shadow on top … vets like Champ Bailey & Brian Dawkins really respect him.”

Orlando resident and football coaching legend Lou Holtz recently said of Tebow, “(Community service) is part of his life. I know him very well. I’ve never dealt with a more polite, humble, accommodating individual than Tim Tebow. When you first meet him you think he has to be a phony, but he’ll be that way in five years. It’s just his infectious attitude.”

I don’t think his haircut is infectious, though… fortunately, now we just have to wait for it to grow back out. Whew!


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