Don’t Be Hating…You Know You’re Jealous!

So, tomorrow I leave my house, my cats, and my dogs in the capable hands of my parents (they already live with us!) as the Top 5 goes on vacation… and where are we exploring this summer? The Florida Keys! Lobster is one of my favorite foods, so the annual Key West Lobsterfest is right up my alley! 

However, last time we went lobstering, I was a big scaredy cat! In case you don’t realize it, Florida waters feature the spiny lobster, which looks a bit different from Maine Lobster. (But taste just as yummy!)  So, last time when I was snorkeling and saw a lobster, I swam the other way and left the tickling and the netting to my hubby and son!  They’d toss the lobster into the boat where I may or may not get it into the cooler!

Yikes! A Florida Spiny Lobster

So, determined to not be the laughing-stock of the boat this time around, I decided to do a little research, and was thrilled to find a fabulous resource: the “How to Do Florida” website and TV show. It features a variety of things dealing with Florida: How to surf, how to lobster, how to make a Florida Avocado Milkshake… and the host, Florida native  Chad Crawford, has a great charm about him!

Click here to see a snatch from an episode that shows how to clean and separate the lobster after you catch him… and fair warning, the lobster is still alive! Yuk! (On second thought, maybe I’ll leave this job to the hubby, too!)

So, after discovering this fantastic resource, I will be tuning in quite often to see what new gems and information the show will share. In fact, the show will be airing THIS WEEKEND on ABC (WFTV CHannel 9)…here’s the viewing schedule:

  • Saturday, July 31 on Channel 9 at 1 PM – Episode 5
  • Sunday, August 1 on Channel 9 at 1 PM – Episode 6
  • Sunday, August 1 on Channel 9 at 1:30 PM – Episode 7

So, locals and tourists alike, this is the show to learn a little something about Florida!

From the "How to Do Florida" website.

 So, while I will be blogging and tweeting about my time in the Keys, hopefully you will understand if I miss a day or two… enjoy your week!


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  1. Very interesting article, thanks. Keep up the good work.

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