Cool Off Your Summer by Chillin’ at the Science Center!

Sweat up to your eyeballs? Feel like your body is melting into puddles around your ankles?  Considering the possibility that you might indeed crawl into the ice cabinet in your freezer?  Well, don’t let the Dog Days of Summer push you into doing something too crazy, when there is a perfectly easy way to get cooled off this summer…  

From ice and snow to instant-freeze hazards like liquid Nitrogen and Carbonic Acid, SUB-ZERO is chilling at the Orlando Science Center!

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This live experience has been extended for several weeks, so you can now see it every Saturday night at 7 p.m. in August, and, if you wait until after 4 p.m. to head to the Science Center, you save $4 on adult admission but still get to experience all the Center has to offer!


So, perhaps cool off your Dog Days of summer by chilling with the “King of Cool, the Emperor of Ice, the Master Blaster of Disaster,” Jimmy “J-Rex” Waldron as he explores the science of things that freeze AND go bang!



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