Can we do it? (Yes, we can!)

For the past 16 years, a unique fundraiser has built structures from canned food… yes, I said canned food. The CANSTRUCTION® – Orlando competition is back for a 17th year, and this time the theme is “Zoo CAN Do It!” in honor of a new partnership with the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens.

2009 Canstruction

To kickoff the competition this year, they’re “CANstructing” the Zoo logo in the Wayne Densch Discovery Center with your help! Every dollar donated in the month of July will buy 1 can for the structure.

Proposed 2010 Canstruction

They need 1,000 cans to complete the structure, so visit the Canstruction website to see what you can do to help. And, when you visit the Zoo check out the logo to see how far your dollars will go to feed the hungry – and I don’t mean the animals!

At the close of the exhibit, all of the food products used in the logo will be donated to Second Harvest Food Bank for distribution to pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, senior programs and low-income daycares.  And in case you didn’t realize, every week there are 55,000 hungry people right here in Central Florida! For more information about how the second Harvest Food Bank is helping, see this recent blog post.

Trademarked by the Society of Design Administration, and working in tandem with the American Institute of Architects and other members of the design and construction industry, CANSTRUCTION® is making a significant contribution to the fight against hunger. CANSTRUCTION® combines the competitive spirit of a design/build competition with a unique way to help feed hungry people.


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