Facetime! Let’s Meet in Person!

In this strange new world we live in, where see more friends on Facebook than we ever see in our daily lives, wouldn’t it be nice to actually breathe the same air space and talk face to face for a while?

When I started the Top 5 (a year ago this month) I had no idea how it would take off and grow. I have met so many wonderful people across this fair state of ours, and so many people passionate about a cause, whether it be Disney, finding a cure for cancer, traveling, feeding the hungry, wearing T-shirts! (Yes, wearing T-Shirts, as in Jason Sadler of Jacksonville.)

Through blogging, Facebook, and Twitter, I have befriended quite a few Central Florida characters, and I am not talking about Chip and Dale from Disney!

  • I am talking about those lovable guys at SomaCow, the world’s greatest internet radio show, ever!
  • I’m talking about every NASA geek who’s “on the grid”…and yes, they are sooo much smarter and less geeky than I ever could have imagined! (Who else could be cool enough to tweet from outer space?)
  • I’m talking about every artist, actor, singer, and musician who is brilliant and talented enough to see the value of connecting their art to the world virtually. @thedailycity, @enzian, and @unitedarts have shown me just how talented Orlando is!
  • I’m talking about the passionate non-profits, who give more and more of themselves to help support others. Simply inspiring!
  • I’m talking about the “mom bloggers” who thankfully analyze everything their child eats, plays, talks, and does in order that I won’t have to!
  • I’m talking about the other “Girls on the Go!” who do a much better job talking about cars than I do!
  • I’m talking about the theme park junkies, such as @FlallDay, who seems far too wise for his years! He and others know more about Disney, Universal, and Sea World than the CEOs of those parks could ever know. Why? Because these guys and gals are infiltrating the parks every morning, noon, and night and seeing it from both a visitor’s and insider’s perspective.
  • I’m talking about all the marketing and PR tweeps who are grinding down this social media phenomenon and figuring out how to best leverage the unusual format to their clients’ advantage.
  • I’m talking about the travel bloggers, such as @MtDora, @Roritravel, @adventureswithben, and @JeffTitelius, who give me fabulous tips and guidance so I will always appear to know what I’m doing!
  • I’m talking about the fit and nutrition bloggers, such as @swimmerjoe, @kwidrick, and @dafoodie, whose knowledge of exercise and/or diet inspires to head to the gym yet another day.
  • I’m talking about other “Florida” bloggers, such as @PulseofCFL,@fl2native, @orlandofl407, and @fltoodoo, because we share a common love of the Sunshine State.
  • I’m talking about the organizations who have decided to tackle social media, therefore delivering their events straight to my computer: organizations such as @orlandosci, @madcowtheater, @orlandoshakes. If they didn’t “socialize” I’d never know what they were doing!
  • I’m talking about the tweeps that just love to tweet, like @jenvargas, @brermatt, @anakenn, @somacowjen, and many, many others simply because I feel like we’re friends (virtual ones).

So, as you can see, these virtual acquaintances have become a large part of my life, strange as it is! So, that is why I decided to host tonight’s Central Florida Tweet Up in order to have a little facetime with those I “talk with” almost daily. I’d love to have a drink and just put a face with a username so next time I see them online, it’s all the more personal.

Here are the details:

Tonight, Thursday, July 22
At Eden Bar at the Enzian Theater
7 pm – 9 pm


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8 responses to “Facetime! Let’s Meet in Person!

  1. Kim

    Hope you have another tweet up sometime soon! Not sure if I’m coming to this one. @getgreenbewell

  2. Ann

    I can’t wait Bess! πŸ™‚


  3. Hum… what to wear, what to wear? @FlTooDo

  4. J

    Looking forward to finally meeting some people tonight! We should put together a dinner for the “ladies who blog” in Orlando, would be great to meet everyone and swap ideas.


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