Local 11-year-old Helps Fight Hunger (You go girl!)

My utmost admiration and appreciation goes out to 11-year-old Abbey Brunault of College Park, who championed a worthy cause — hunger in Central Florida — and raised serious community awareness with the help of Second Harvest Food Bank.

Last spring, Abbey and her classmates at Princeton Elementary received a special assignment from enrichment teacher Ms. Patti Gordon (an Orange County Public School Teacher of the Year Finalist!), which was to research and report on a local non-profit organization. Abbey took the assignment to heart, donating $200 of her allowance and babysitting money to Second Harvest and making a call-to-action video in which she visits the food bank, volunteers and directly helps fight hunger in the community.

President/CEO Dave Krepcho and Abbey Brunault.

Touched by Abbey’s commitment, passion and creative approach to fighting hunger, Second Harvest President and CEO Dave Krepcho invited her to speak at the organization’s annual Feeding Hope Breakfast on June 23rd at the Church Street Ballroom. Her video was well-received at the event and has since been posted on the Second Harvest website.

“I chose Second Harvest Food Bank for my assignment because hunger is a very important issue to me,” Abbey said. “People in our community are suffering, and I believe that if we try hard enough, we can solve this problem.”

Abbey did an amazing job and inspired attendees to further invest in the fight against hunger in Central Florida. Congratulations to Abbey and Second Harvest for their amazing efforts!

This was post by Guest Blogger Extraordinaire Whitney Hopper who is the Director of Northeast Region at Costa Devault, a wordwise company.


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One response to “Local 11-year-old Helps Fight Hunger (You go girl!)

  1. Sasha Hausman

    I had the honor of hearing Abbey speak at the Feeding Hope Breakfast a couple weeks ago. She is truly an inspiration. Second Harvest is very lucky to have an advocate, volunteer, donor, and supporter like Abbey.

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