Even the Possum Looks Like Mickey Mouse!

So, if you follow the Top 5 on Twitter, and were tweeting away on Sunday night around 10 p.m., then you probably saw the ruckus at my house. Somehow, an opossum had snuck its way into our house, past two dogs, three, cats, and a teenager, and was nestled in the corner of our living room! Well, here’s the resulting video…

By the way, several tweeters informed me it is extremely rare for an opossum to carry rabies… whew! (Does this type of thing happen to other people???)



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4 responses to “Even the Possum Looks Like Mickey Mouse!

  1. It is a really hilarious video! Can’t believe it was in your house for that long!

  2. Kim

    Thanks for sharing the hilarious video.

    Yup things like that happen to other people. My intruder was a squirrel who visited while I was at work. He entered through the fireplace. I came home to a mess. It was Christmastime and it knocked most of the decorations off of the tree. He had a very good time, going from room to room leaving his mark. I found him in my laundry room. Of course my husband who was in the Navy was out to sea.

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