Boutique For a Week is Coming!

Too cool!  Part owner and Central Florida resident Kelly Traugott contacted me about her Boutique for a Week, which is one of the best ideas I’ve heard about in quite some time. As a mommy who used to have all sorts of kids stuff, the “Premiere Children’s Sale” and “Nearly New as Never Been Better” are quite a draw!

I know my moms of twins (friends and sister-in-law) will definitely be interested in this. How easy and quick to set up…much better than a garage sale, don’t you think?  With a mission to become the premiere children’s resale in Central Florida, you are sure to find some quality items. The sale will feature, clothes, toys, educational items, and more.  By the way, they need consignors and workers.

So, if you are a mommy looking to get rid of some almost-new stuff, register as a consignor. If you are looking for almost-new stuff, be sure to attend:

June 27 – July 3 in Casselberry

And the nicest part is consignors may donate any unsold items to those in need… sounds like a winning event to us!


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  1. GIVINGETTING allow people to give and get stuff they no longer need or to get what they need and don´t have, donating or getting it for reuse, achieving longer product cycle and also keeping useful stuff out of landfills

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