Malibu Saves the Day!

The Top 5 is proud to be an official blogger for the Chevy “Girlfriend Getaway Florida” promotion. Please enjoy our recent post and video below, and then check out our other posts as well as the other Orlando area bloggers on the official site.

For our household, the grocery store is a frequent stop as we eat lots of fresh veggies. (I’m not a great cook, but I can cut up a mean cucumber!)  So, our grocery store visits result in a smaller amount of groceries due to the frequency that we go.  However, there is one particular visit that results in a huge amount of cargo:  the Pet Food Run!

We have two dogs and three cats, all of which LOVE to eat. And so once a month we have to stock up on the pet food, which is no small feat. The dogs eat a mixture of two brands, while the cats just eat and eat and eat. (On the video, notice the really Fat Cat, who often falls into a near diabetic coma when he slumbers…)

We have several clues when the time for the Pet Food Run is drawing near:

  • The sound of the scoop echoes particularly loudly as it drops back into the storage bin.
  • The dogs start eyeing the cats with a hungry gleam, as if they are estimating their respective running speeds.
  • The cats start eyeing my Achilles heel, perhaps determining the thickness of my skin and just how hard it would be to take me down. 
  • Both sets of animals keep an uncomfortably close eye on us when we lie down to sleep–they may be planning a joint attack, so we’ve never let the hunger go much past this.

At any rate, when we observe these tell-tale signs, we usually have to borrow my father’s pick up truck for this trip to the grocery store, but this month we ventured forth confidently in the Chevy Malibu.  At first my husband was a bit dubious of the space, as we were doing the Pet Food Run, but to his pleasant surprise, there’s a TON of space back there!  Not only did we fit two 50 pound bags of dog food, a 15 pound bag of a different brand, but also another 15 pound bag of cat food, but we also fit all of our people groceries, too.  And there was even extra space left over… we could have bought much, much more had our check book allowed us!

So, thanks, Chevy Malibu, for keeping the Pet Revolt down for the time being… you and your cargo space really saved the day!

And by the way, Top 5 Fans, you can test drive any Malibu now through June 3 and get a FREE MASSAGE at Massage Envy! (Seems like a no brainer to me! Go for it!)

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