Fight for Air!

On Saturday morning, Lake Eola was full of its usual walkers, joggers, and pedestrians, but many of them were there for a purpose: To walk to help support healthy lungs! This was one of the several Fight for Air walks across Central Florida that were helping to raise funds for the American Lung Association of Florida (ALAF).

Among the many programs the ALAF does is a school program that helps educate children about asthma and how to control it. It costs around $1,000 per school for this program, and so the money raised on these walks is going to help fund these and other programs like it. The ALAF was in 50 schools this past year, and has plans to extend to all 400 schools in Central Florida. So, keep those donations coming!


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  1. Ann Ngo

    What a fantastic video! I absolutely love it! I’m going to send this to all the sponsors. I’m sure they will love it. Thanks so much Bess! 🙂

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