Colors of Cuba…Right here in Winter Park!

Winter Park-based photographer Steve Graffham recently returned from a month-long photo shoot in Cuba. As part of his business, he photographs resorts for the tourism industry, and so he had been to Cuba before. (He was born in the United Kingdom and receives journalist credentials to go.)  This time was different, though: “I had a rental car and before I knew it, when I stopped for directions, people headed the same way were opening my car doors and jumping in for a ride. By custom, it is expected  that any driver will take passengers to their destinations.” Luckily, Steve speaks fluent Spanish!

The end result was Steve became more immersed in the culture and people than on previous visits. He began taking pictures of the things he saw around him and appreciating their historical context. He explains, “Right now, Cuba is a slice of history…with the classic American cars.”

When we attended the VIP Reception last night, my husband was quite taken with the vintage 50’s era cars set against colorful art-deco buildings.  We both reminisced how our grandparents used to take a cruise to Cuba to gamble…it was the Las Vegas of the early part of the 1900’s.  Such interesting history!

VIP Reception at the Chapel.

The Colors of Cuba exhibit is open this weekend to correspond with the Winter Park Art Festival. Just two blocks off Park Avenue (just down from the Farmer’s Market on New England), the Winter Park Wedding Chapel is an easy walk that many of you will go by when parking.  If you can’t make it this weekend, you can stop by each Saturday from 8 am- 1 pm until April 17. The Chapel has been wonderfully transformed into an effective viewing gallery.

For more information on this exhibit, be sure to read The Park Press March 2010 edition.

Here’s a video the Top 5 took of the Winter Park Wedding Chapel when it first opened:


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