I’m a “Girl on the Go!”

The Central Florida Top 5 is honored to have been chosen as one of Chevy’s Girls on the Go!  When I heard the Southern Chevy Dealers would be giving me a Chevy Traverse to drive around for a whole month–yeah, I know! What are they thinking?!– I didn’t even need to ask where to sign. 

You see, I’m a working mom whose day job is an English teacher at Park Maitland School (the most magical, fabulous place in the world) and who moonlights as the editor for the award-winning Top 5 Blog and website.  Start with both of those and add in toting teenagers around town to swim practice and school, grabbing grub at the grocery store, running errands, and then getting back home in time to meet my hunky hubby for dinner, well…you get the picture: I get in a whole lot of mileage zipping around town!

Yep, life is always interesting in the Auer household!  So, I hope you’ll enjoy coming along with me for the trip, as I blog, tweet, and post videos about my traversing in the Traverse… ’cause this is how I roll!

My travels start next week, so in the meantime, tune in on Twitter! I promise you’ll enjoy the ride!


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2 responses to “I’m a “Girl on the Go!”

  1. Lola Duckworth

    So great to see Bess Auer featured, since she sees to it that the rest of us are all the time! I just want to know, Bess, “When do you sleep?????”


  2. Wow, this is so cool!! Congratulations!!! I’ll be sure to follow your adventures! Sounds like you’ll be having an awesome month 😉 Wish I could do something like that too sometime, it would be sooo much fun!

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